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Well, I got my first busted Evercade game card. (It's not a ROM cartridge, more like an SD card or USB stick.) On one hand, I have some tens of game cards already and this was the first case of a problem. On the other, maybe is one too many.


I noticed I've been playing games for months on almost mute. As in, I might hear a sound effect played, but can't even identify which effect it was. Will be continuing like this for the foreseeable future.


I hear there's a lot of new commercial Game Boy software, but not enough proper reviews. Alas, I have found myself incapable of writing true reviews. https://www.gumpyfunction.com/a-letter-to-the-gb-community


Illusion Island... you and your final insult.


Didn't expect a video like this from a relatively big-name channel. Still, I truly cannot understand the negative reaction to the original reveal if it wasn't for the platform it was on.


I've been toiling away with Illusion Island, and I do like that there is no way to attack the enemies in the game. But I do not like how much going backwards there is and how "uncondensed" the game feels. And the AD makes me think of cheap old cartoons.


Speaking as someone who liked the size of the world in Xenoblade X and 2, and didn't mind 1 or 3, I didn't expect to think a platformer (Illusion Island) could have too big and empty maps.


Now playing Illusion Island. I prefer World of Illusion or even Castle of Illusion. I didn't know there was Land of Illusion, though...


That's Superstars done for the "main story". Will post an opinion inside.


Cleared world 9 in Superstars, and I've encountered one or two "d*** design" levels (7-1, 7-2) and two "this boss fight carries on too long" cases (8-2 and 9-1). Also, is world 5 Action Park?


Been also playing Final Exerion. Shmup with inertia close to Sonic's (if I may exaggerate a bit)?


Wonder done. Next up, Superstars.


Got Sonic, got Mario. Time to see if Wonder takes the crown from NSMBU as my favourite 2D Mario.


One of the reasons I was interested in Evercade was that I could finally play Atari Lynx games. Well, those collections (and other Atari collections on Evercade) are going to be out of print soon. Hopefully Atari will rerelease them digitally elsewhere.


The downside of a great harvest of mushrooms is that you won't go foraging them all that many times. I'm already done for the year.


F-Zero 99 has done what I considered near impossible: it's made me want to give the SNES original a more serious shot. Well, emulated version of it anyway.


The days aren't that short yet, but in case someone might be interested, a Silent Hill music concert in Södertälje, Sweden, 12th of October 2019.


Asterix & Obelix: Slap Them All -- I can see why nobody's talking about this. Same Mr Nutz Studio here as with that New Joe & Mac - Caveman Ninja, which... I remember not being that well received either.


I've been baking sourdough bread since I bought a book on baking bread in the spring. And I'm finally starting to accept the importance of choosing the right flour.


The much-maligned Mortal Kombat 1 on Switch, spotted on store shelf for 75e. I'm still happy to not play fighting games. Also on a happier note: Eurogamer's review of the game (PS5) was by a certain Chris Moyse.


It's autumn again, so it's time for me to replay Dear Esther.


Well, Bone Marrow on Genesis is the more in-depth version of 2048 that I hoped to see after one on Switch was a letdown. But it also feels rather boring after two levels.


I looked at the number of comments on FP articles. I suppose I can now start looking into creating a site for my random blogs now.


Hover cars in Horizon Chase 2 on Switch? Not liking the double nag screens about creating an Epic account every time I start up the game either.


I also finished Dysmantle on Switch. Annoying sluggishness towards the end (the higher the ground the player is on, the worse the framerate gets). The trailer isn't all truthful - the majority of the game for me was cutting and smashing trees, walls, ...


I've long ago deleted my reviewish blog on Another Code R, but in case someone cares, here's DR: 17h long, few puzzles, last (third) act felt like it was from another game, too many Wiimote gestures (not Zack&Wiki -level, though).


Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition looked better.


I never knew what American Tail was about beyond the some mouse going to presumably the USA on a boat. That the game review part couldn't go deeper to the failure here was a bit disappointing.


Fun fact: I hate people who start their comments with "fun fact" because the comments are either not fun, not facts and/or the person saying this is a smug b*****d.


Got Trine 5 on Switch. Hrm. Shadows popping in cutscenes changing camera angles... should've just got it on PC, I think. (When am I supposed to be able to start allocating skill points anyway?)


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