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Have a great night. If you still have them.


Decided to check if my Wii U games had updates. As it happened, I wasn't imagining that the disc wallet felt too snug for the discs. The majority of the discs are now broken. Oh well. Bye-bye.


You can buy someone flowers, but they will wilt. If you buy a box of chocolates, they'll carry it on their waist for the rest of their lives.


In case you're interested in Cybernator by other name.


Chris Browne, son of Dik Browne, died earlier this month. And if you don't know who they were, that shows how the times have changed.


ChatGPT is disrupting chess, too.


Sometimes these remakes are just polishing something that rhymes with a bird.


I keep getting caught with obvious Flegmabait. Insert Ice Age Lure picture.


Easy way to fulfill monthly edginess quota: fill a tierlist with 200 game series.


Watching DJ Slopes' 4h Amico documentary. My "Akshually"-moment: one console did release without online capabilities -- Evercade.


eShop screenshots show English text. "Supported languages: Japanese." ("Harvest Yuuka" is the game in question.) I would've preferred Dragon Fang Z's level of translation.


Gameboy games, in particular Game&Watch Gallery 3, was the best/only thing of interest for me. At least this time I can adjust the colour saturation on the display.


Okay, so there's a Touhou farming game on eShop. Also: "Supported languages: Japanese". But the screenshots are in English. 25€ is maybe a bit much to spend on a whim...


Got to level 4 without continues on normal in Hidden Star in Four Seasons while using an Xbox360 controller with a tendency to suddenly drift upwards. I'm fine with that. Not my video.


I think I'm finally starting to understand why it's better in platformers to take a hit and give i-frames instead of draining health for the duration of the contact. Except when applied to a 2D roguelike shmup.


And that's The NewZealand Story got on eShop. The game of the week for me.


Solitaire (Klondike specifically) is still the best card game on PC.


I'll never understand why people want to have their name or photo next to something they've done. Any accomplishment is only another sword hanging overhead by a thread that will break when a flaw is found.


I'm tempted to try using ChatGPT to write me a text adventure game, which I would then implement with an engine.


Memo to self: homemade morello cherry jam works very well with vanilla pannacotta.


Today's our third attempt of a pre-Christmas party for four this turn of the year, and already one has cancelled.


Once upon a time, I thought this was funny.


So, Archer Maclean died in December. Europeans are probably more likely to remember him (IK+, Dropzone, Jimmy White's 'Whirlwind' Snooker, Archer Maclean's Mercury, and Wheelspin).


Looking at my Steam summary for 2022. I'm not sure placing roguelites and action-roguelikes on the opposite sides of the graph makes much sense. (The top-right is tower defense, in case you don't understand Finnish.)


I don't mind pixel graphics, but when they move smoothly (in non-integer "pixel" increments), it becomes too jarring.


My present haul: two bottles of ginger beer. Which is fine for someone who has trouble cleaning away the already existing clutter.


On Friday I learned I'm a workaholic, and not just ********. To do something about that or not... let me check if I have Teams messages first.


Got my present. For myself.


While I didn't get Irem or Toaplan Evercade carts, I did get Jaleco Arcade 1, Gaelco Arcade 2, THEC64 1, Morphcat 1 and Intellivision 2. Video: SGDQ 2020 on Micro Mages (on Morphcat 1).


Pretty sure my most-played Switch games of 2022 are Gems of War, Xenoblade 3 and Dungeon Warfare. I have zero taste.


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