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I realized I like Dead Space Extraction over the main series, and Umbrella + Darkside Chronicles over the main series. I wonder what other similar railshooter adaptations there are for me...


I hadn't noticed that in Return of the Obra Dinn, the player's hands are not dithered the way other living beings are. I'd be surprised if there weren't any theories of in-universe explanations for this...


Well, not going to write a retro game blog this month despite my claims.


MSXdev'21 results are in, and my game was 15/34 (57/100 points); higher than I expected. I didn't expect the top-4 to be in that order, though.


To celebrate the simple clever ideas that make a massive difference... Super Hexagon doesn't restart the music from the beginning every time you start the game.


I saw MandaloreGaming release a video on No One Lives Under the Lighthouse, bought it and 87 min in, my biggest issue are the enemy encounters.


I haven't had the chance to play it yet, but santiontanon has rarely disappointed me... the gameplay video of Westen House looks pretty amazing for an MSX(1) in my opinion.


Sir Clive Sinclair has died (aged 81). RIP. Kim Justice's video on him from 5 years ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1tWYN4dthw


I envy those in C64 scene.


Time to start Pushing Onwards for 10h and get things done. Back after 10 hours or so.


Any of you familiar with The Forgotten City? I only learned of it thru Super Bunnyhop's video review and I am intrigued. (Present-day person in an ancient Rome city, curse, timeloop, lots of talking, some mystery?)


TIL there is such a thing as Cirno Day, and it is today.


Boletes, a fried egg and some persillade. Add rye bread. I feel so pretentious right now.


That's 30 MSXdev'21 entries (so far; today's the deadline), so it's one for every day of September. I expect Alien Attack (shmup), PAC-01 (Pacman 256 demake-ish) and Raven (Q*bert-ish) to rank at the top in some order.


The sweetest way to start relaxing after work -- watch a new video titled The Great Maple Syrup Heist.


This says a lot about our society. And the site.


Got Spelunky on Switch. Second run, after collecting the idol and avoiding the boulder, that went to ram into Kali's altar + shopkeeper. Cue death by shopkeeper in the next level. Is this life?


What Quake in 2021 taught me: Even if games don't age, we do.


Me: I'd like Qix or a clone on eShop. Also me: Not this kind of clone. Am I being too picky?


Aaand I'm again far too interested in writing another adventure game over actually fixing the game engine so that it could support this concept. Urgh.


I feel movie titles here haven't been translated to Finnish in ages. Good or not... Gisaengchung is Parasite. Guess which movies were called (or had subtitle of) after translating back: The 8th Passenger, Destroyer, Rita Hayworth - The Key to Escape?


No idea if anyone cares, and this is not a recommendation, but Kaze and the Wild Masks is -33% on eShop in Europe (20e as opposed to 30e).


Wait, Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe isn't out yet? Below, video where the right follow-up is: "And then 2020 happened."


a) "This is an actual email that the team received a few weeks ago." (in 2012) Really? b) Why did it take me years to understand how Raph does talk about the game, c) Raphael trailer > Xxxxxxx trailer.


Ever had acid reflux in your nose wake you up in the middle of the night?


Not bad loot, given how hot and dry the summer was.


I don't have pic of a tarp handy for #covertoid but this is my favourite cover of this piece of music.


Pieces of puzzle stuck in the head, not expressed. The message folds into an abnormality, seen through a hall of funhouse mirrors and hallucinations of lizard people. What do I say? I say things I don't say, I don't say things I say. When 255 characters i


If I have no words, do I necessarily need them?


I'm thankfully getting tired of baking. I still need to try making honey-roasted pumpkin seeds with the pumpkin guts my ill-fated attempt produced, but I'm done with zucchini flatbreads and honey-oat bread for now.


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