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transport strike and they still expect me to go in tomorrow hahahaha


If the hot female professor is only around in Scarlet it's a skip for me. Purple is the superior colour and you want me to take orders from a MAN?!


happy cheese biscuit day


Don't usually work weekends but HR said they'd make it worth my time, there's important deadlines they need to meet. I said ok, why not, got debts to pay so why turn down extra money right? Well you wouldn't believe what happened next... (clickbait)


yeah I scroll on the itnernet and type my funny little words and speak to my cool little peopel haha look at me I'm a hmuan


Watching Surgeon Suspicious on Friday, I haven't watched Wandavision so I can't wait to not understand half the film


Now I have the money to buy Elden Ring I dunno if I can be bothered... I don't think I'm in the right mindset for a 100 hour game right now. I'd much rather just play easy pick up and go games after a day at work


I bought videogames guys I'm sorry, I let you down


Genuine Question: If a football player can do a backflip and taunt the opposing fans in the stalls why can't I emote over someone's corpse when I thrash them in online PvP? All games used to have a taunt function/emote and now it's treated like a crime


wtf happy birthday Occams is it really your birthday bro how can you call me a friend when I've never bothered to write it down in a calendar or even buy a calendar to write it down in, do they still sell calendars, does outside still have stores, doe-


I'm high, I got pizza, I feel no guilt. I get paid next week. I get paid. Like, they're GIVING me money. That I get...to use(?)


Damn, it's been 2 years since I last stepped inside a gym...I can feel it, my back can hardly hold my body up these days


4/20? I quit smoking.


Why do modern phones have glass backs? It's so fucking annoying, just another glass panel to shatter, as if the screen wasn't enough? What is the benefit, I don't understand


NPC in old games be like "Follow me!" then walk off screen, give you no clue to where they might be going, end up on the other side of the planet then say something like "what took you so long?!" when you finally find them


Got the FF6 Pixel Remaster on my phone, first time playing this game


Playing Romancing SaGa 2 on the train to and from work since I can't quite afford to pick up SMTV yet. It's ok I guess, better than staring awkwardly between people's heads trying to avoid eye contact with strangers.


If mobile gaming is what made handhelds obsolete... what the hell are mobile gamers playing? People aren't buying Asus Rog or Black Shark phones for gacha or Pokemon Go so what are they playing?


Nice dog


First day of work was pretty chill! Unfortunately my body is crippled. I'm in bed in a tracksuit shivering and get lightheaded when I walk. Did a rapid antigen test and it came out negative, think it might be due to bad sleep the past week :(


Tiny Tina's Wonderlands seems to be 20 bullet sponge enemies into several voice lines which are probably meant to be comedic into another room full of bullet sponges to be rewarded with another pitiful attempt at humor...over and over again? That's it?


If I get a cat its aura of power will automatically keep the mice away right? It's like a passive ability? The anti-rodent field stays up as long as I feed it or do I recharge it at an altar somewhere?


Just helped my mother put together her new bed frame...worst gunpla kit I've ever seen. Big but that's a bout it, didn't even come with any weapons...




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