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Destructoid Story R | Let's Play

Good Evening! http://www.destructoid.com/blogs/Marche100/destructoid-story-r-an-rpg-based-on-the-destructoid-community--296097.phtml A little while ago, this guy ^^^made a game called DESTRUCTOID STORY R..   It was made with RPG Maker ...



There will be dreamers... In a world where people are expected to work hard and break their backs, there are people out there who dream. When they dream aloud and share the vision they are said to be crazy or simply lazy. But, perhaps ...


Anime, Drake, Pyro, VVVVVV

Hello everybody!   Chris here yet again to share some stuff I've been thinking about lately. ... The first thing on my mind is anime, in general. I've never considered myself to be an "anime fan". In fact, over the years, there ha...


Fevoki's new "Halo"

What's up, guys. Chris here.   After a long time of having no computer, I finally have a new laptop. It's a refurbished "Thinkpad" from five years ago, because I ball so very hard. Now, with the help of my new electronic pal, I ca...


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