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May's Band of Bloggers - Thick as Thieves


Hello dear friends! Sorry if this is going up a bit late, but better late than never I suppose! A new month deserves a new Band of Bloggers, because seeing you lovely people write about video games brings me joy. If you're unfamiliar with the idea here, basically we give you a theme and you will play a game fitting the theme and come tell us about your unique experiences sometime before the end of the month. At the end of the month I'll gather up all the participating blogs and recap them in a place they can be easily found by everyone! This month we're forgoing hard work and just taking the things we want from those more fortunate! For the month of May we'll be Thick as Thieves!

So what game will you be playing for this? Whatever game lets you take everything you want for yourself. Want to gather some friends and rob a bank in Payday? Want to roam the streets of Los Santos stealing cars, money, and whatever else you can get your grubby hands on? Want to be a pirate on the high seas taking all the booty (ha, booty) you can find? Have at it! As long as it lets you klepto your way to wealth and happiness you can play it for this month's BoB.

Take what ya can, and the only thing you need to give back is a blog about your less than noble adventures! Just come back sometime before May is over and give us a nice blog about your adventures. Get creative with it! Make it as wacky or serious as your heart desires. Just throw "Band of Bloggers" or "Thick as Thieves" in the title if you want to ensure that it gets seen and then add whatever real title you want. As always I look forward to your submissions and I thank you for reading!

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