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About FatPursleyone of us since 7:11 AM on 03.11.2011

I was born a gamer, well, at least in the sense that Iíve been playing video games since my stubby little child fingers could grasp a controller. Believe it or not, as a child I was prescribed video games by my pediatrician as a way to help deal with ADD. Back then though, it wasnít called ADD, I just heard my parents tell people I was ďhyperactiveĒ. Well, getting me that first games system (it was an Intellivision because it was a little cheaper than the Atari at that time) worked. I learned to sit still for longer periods and it improved my hand/eye coordination substantially.

Almost as long as Iíve been a gamer, Iíve been a fan of gaming publications. It started with the first issue of Nintendo Power (which I still have) and grew from there. Iíve always enjoyed reading and writing so the desire to enter the crazily competitive world of video game journalism seems a natural fit for me. I have done freelance work for various websites, both paid and voluntary, and enjoyed all of it. I started this blog so that I could have the freedom to cover whatever Iíd like whenever I can. That said, it is a labor of love and hobby. I donít have a PR team to land me early review copies of games, I rent or buy them when they come out like everyone else. I also donít have other people playing them and writing reviews for me. I play each title for at least one week before reviewing it, covering as much of it as I possibly can.

I am married, and have been since 2006. We met in middle school, went our own ways and married other people, then ended up back together. Funny how stuff works out like that, isnít it? My wife had a stroke the day before Valentineís Day of 2010 and we spent a large amount of time in physical rehab. Since that point, she continues to make a little progress all the time and goes to outpatient therapy regularly. Other things about me; Iím fairly patient, have a great sense of humor, Iím an introvert by nature but will be outgoing with people that share the same interests as I do, and I hate discussing politics or religion with friends. Iím also a huge Penny Arcade fan with a lot of respect towards Mike and Jerry for what theyíve accomplished and support their Childís Play charity whenever I can.