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I’m pretty sure Bloober Team allegedly doing a Silent Hill 2 Remake is a violation of the Geneva Convention.


One year ago the best manga author ever passed away, annual reminder to go read Berserk!


One thing that annoys me about biographies is when they go out of their way to highlight all the things that make the subject great and downright ignore the failings. It defeats what’s interesting about them. (see the Bohemian Rhapsody film for ref)


Yoshitaka Suzuki, composer for MGS, FFXIV, Bayonetta, Last Story, FFXV, FF7 Remake presents his take on “Persona music”


Isukiri casually got nailed to a cross, what a bro!


In KH4 they better have Mickey Mouse fighting Christopher Lee in Attack of the Clones Star Wars world.


Brandon Sanderson has been approached for a potential collab with Bandai Namco. Mistborn is giving me very Bloodborne/Dishonored vibes and would be cool for a video game if not a From Soft game.


Tactics Ogre: Reborn has been trademarked by Square. It’s happening!


This might tie with “visions of Snake” near a ladder, as my favorite Elden Ring message.


The Green Knight is the Dark Souls of fantasy movies.


The Godfather is now 50 years old so I posit this question. Which is the better film The Godfather or The Godfather Part 2?


My eyes turned red in Elden Ring. Thanks, I hate ‘em.


Ben Shapiro does not like The Batman so if that is not enough assurance that the movie is good then I don’t know what to tell you.


Saw The Batman, shit was good. Really David Fincher’s Zodiac mixed with Nolan’s second Batman with more restraint use of special effects that most of the latters film does not have. It really is good when it is just being a Long Halloween-ish murder m


Pretty damn proud of this one haha - I really do like this game, this is my Elden Ring of the Year.


Elden Ring’s version of Patches will literally just be Gollum, voiced by Andy Serkis and everything!


The beauty of these games’ storytelling was how they conveyed it through their mechanics as video games. I doubt it’s going to resonate as an anime beyond maybe the Okabe music


Almost got through the first level without dying. Game is dope!


Lance Reddick’s voice in ZD and FW gives me life the same way Keith David does


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