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Was going to upload of photo for this post but I am unable to, an X with an error message shows up. Anyway, today marks my 2nd year with a Vita. One of the best acquisitions I have made in recent memory.


#13 Game beaten in 2023 is: Wild 9. Demon's Souls is going to take months to beat so I'll be playing other games as well, shorter ones. Wild 9 is an example. For years I was looking for this and it was worth it. What Earthworm Jim 3 should have been. 4/5.


Taking advantage of the weekends to play for longer time periods, I started Demon's Souls. I wasn't prepared not only to die a lot, but to admire the craft this game has. As a masochist of sorts myself, this is a treat. Defeating a boss never felt so good


#12 Game beaten in 2023 is: Silent Hill Book of Memories. The pick & play nature of this spin off makes it great, precisely at that: a spin off. Mary Elizabeth Mcglynn and Akira Yamaoka collaborated one last time so, great. 3.5/5. Top Silent Hill games:


Many qpots ago, I shared that I've used Silent Hill 2 for my classes but didn't go into details. The questions you see in the photo are the ones I ask after watching Mary's Letter video. The exercise works, as students understand without playing the game.


#11 Game beaten in 2023 is: Batman Arkham Origins. Did I like it? More than expected. It has noticeable flaws? Yes. Still, my second best out of the PS3/360 era, after Asylum. 4/5. This marks the end of my gaming streak as I have a new job and well, yeah.


Got around it, my blog is published. It's a little something I wrote about Gris, Journey, and Spec Ops The Line. Been a long time since I wrote one. Anyways, I'm glad this is up in the blogs section. Link in the comments.


Quick question: has anyone had issues when blogging? When I was finished and clicked save and update, an error message showed up. What have you done if this has happened to you? I appreciate the help.


#10 Game beaten in 2023 is: Gris. Reading about this after finishing it I learnt that it took inspiration from 'Journey' and 'Ori and the blind forest' which I completely agree. The game goes so hard on its beauty and doesn't disappoint. 4.5/5. Blog soon.


Waifus and Husbandos? Mitsuru and Akihiko. In her case, she can talk perfectly with me for hours and I won't get tired. Exquisite pronunciation while learning new vocabulary? Très bien, indeed. Akihiko: eating proteins with him would be a dream come true


Happy *finally both Persona 3 (no matter which version) and Persona 4 Golden are finally available for more platforms day*. The latter in particular is proving to be relevant with each new re-relase no matter what. P4 stood the test of time? Yes.


#9 Game Beaten In 2023 is: FEZ. After having a taste the dimension shifting mechanics in Super Paper Mario, I wanted to try this as well. My brain was put to work in order to move on, and I appreciate that. But what is that ending? Still a fun ride. 4/5.


#8 Game beaten in 2023 is: Batman Arkham City. Asylum with a bigger, better scope. Combat issues remain the same, but a worthy sequel that expands on the original's vision. 4.5/5. Fun fact: Loving Origins a lot. Guess I'm a sucker for underrated games.


#7 Game beaten in 2023 is: Batman Arkham Asylum. Funny how being a die hard DC fan myself, I haven't given the Arkham series a try. My time with this 1st one was great. Taking what Batman Begins introduced up to 11, the end result delivers greatly. 4.5/5.


#6 Game beaten in 2023 is: Rain. This popped up in YouTube and I was intrigued. When I played it, 'ICO' & 'Lost in Shadow' came to mind and because of the risky combination I had a blast. Rain plays like a fable: easy, and innocent. 5/5. Indies rock.


#5 Game beaten in 2023 is: Silent Hill Downpour. I wanted to enjoy this, but I could only do so when the new weapon system worked, the few puzzles appeared, and the theme song played at the end. This should have been a spin off. 2/5, and I'm being nice.


#4 Game beaten in 2023 is: Journey. Rare is the case where I find myself lost in a game not for being stuck, but for how immersive it is. Grammy nominated? Deserved. Art? A 100%. When I was reaching the ending, I burst into tears. Rating exception: 20/5.


#3 Game beaten in 2023 is: Spec Ops: The Line. Everything the media says it's true, but it was your input what really convinced me to try this one. I regret nothing. The experience will forever accompany me. The 'Apocalypse Now' motif won me over. 4.5/5.


#2 Game Beaten In 2023 is: Batman Begins. Watching my brother playing this years ago got me curious as to why a movie based game was actually fun. Now that I enjoy DC a lot more, decided to jump into its video games. Starting with the bat was great.


Quick thought: I'm currently playing through Gris and I can easily just lay down while the soundtrack plays in the background. Also, the urge to make a blog review of this game is huge, and I haven't written a blog entry in a year so, this game is special


#1 Game beaten in 2023 is: Mirror's Edge. For years I've been wanting to play it, and the outcome was just as expected: quick fun. The level design and visuals are clever, but the execution falls every now and again. Loved the theme song. 3.5 out of 5.


Happy New Year, guys💚


Best of 2022, or at least what concerns geek culture. Games, movies, TV shows, and you guys. Thanks for being there supporting me in my failed relationships and what not. Commenting on my awards. But most importantly: continue to be a safe/loving place.


#1 of my Top 10 Games played in 2022 goes to: Super Paper Mario. Hopefully by next year or the next I'll be dropping the 'retro' from my awards as those older games in the backlog would have been beaten. Sorry for the spam this December.


#2 of my Top 10 Games played in 2022 goes to: final results to be announced tomorrow. Which ended up being my Retro GOTY this year? Child of Light or Super Paper Mario? Both excellent games in their own right. Every game beaten in 2022 in the comments:


#3 of my Top 10 Games played in 2022 goes to: Persona 3 Dancing in Moonlight (Vita). The closest to a remake, in terms of audio visual aspects, that is. Yet another new genre for me and what best to try it out with a game from my favorite series? Splendid


#4 of my Top 10 Games played in 2022 goes to: Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor's Edge. Not the game most wanted or enjoyed. Totally understandable. As for me, I found the changes refreshing and worthy of the series. Hard, thrilling, and satisfying. Ryu is wonderful.


#5 of my Top 10 Games played in 2022 goes to: Halo Reach (360). I didn't play the 3rd and beyond because I haven't played Halo 2. However, Reach made me feel just like the first game in the series did: happy to have experienced such a high quality game.


#6 of my Top 10 Games played in 2022 goes to: Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed (Vita). Racing games are always fun if done right, and this Sega Mario Kart does everything right, + Vyse from Skies of Arcadia. Fun is guaranteed here. Racing for the ages


A bit blurry but oh well. Just wanted to stop by and wisj you all Merry Christmas, guys. Eat healthy, enjoy your time, and make the best of these mini vacations if you happen to have those. Gonna play on my loyal companion a little bit of SteamWorld Dig 2


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I'm Exber, not related to my name by any means. I'm from Venezuela and I'm an English Teacher.

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Runner Up: Silent Hill 4

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Runner Up: Final Fantasy IV

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Runner Up: A Link Between Worlds

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Runner Up: Zelda Spirit Tracks

2019: Persona Q2 New Cinema Labyrinth
Runner Up: Ghost Trick

2020: Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker
Runner Up: Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy

2021: Pandora's Tower
Runner Up: Xenoblade Chronicles

2022: Super Paper Mario
Runner Up: Child of Light

I try to learn the most I can with every video game, thus my Retro GOTY winners won a place in me. Best examples are Persona 4 (2008) and Final Fantasy IX (2016)

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