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Another Chance


A little off-topic, and clearly not following my blog as I thought I would, here I am going a little personal, without the drama. This may very well be a sequel to a blog I wrote years ago entitled: "A Clear Mind. A Better Gaming" on which I wrote about how having peace of mind and thoughts helps in one's gaming. Well, this one is about how doing many things while playing helps oneself, more specifically us gamers who find joy while gaming. Granted this may apply to activities tied to any other medium, but to the point at hand: gaming in situations like this has helped me a lot.

Why? Besides the obvious reason that is having found a distraction for the reality of the real world, the games I have selected to play bring both the best and the worst of me. I was playing Final Fantasy VIII and I admit I did rage quit to the point of deciding to stop playing, and come back later to level up and continue. I am at the end of Disc 3 and need to right my wrongs while I still have the chance, which brings me to my main point: Games grant us those retries, those saves, those another chances life doesn't, or doesn't give to us that easily.

Final Fantasy VIII is a great example, as well as MotorStorm Racing Edge and lastly Half Life 2. With MotorStorm I have sworn to the point where my relatives ask me if I am ok, and while it clearly shows something negative, it actually isn't. To express myself on the game, which grants me another chance no matter who many times I lose, is an opportunity I accept. What If I keep on losing and swearing? I learn from that, and in the same way I express my frustration and anger when I lose, I express my satisfaction and happiness when I win, big time.

As for Half-Life 2, my point of another chance was more of a self-made choice I undertook when I noticed what was wrong: I was playing on easy, and it felt wrong. I am better than that, and I did not pay attention to the options when I started to play. I guess I just wanted to play, but if I want to do things right, I gotta take advantage of that another chance.

In the end, this social distancing is indeed a chance for us to take a breath of fresh air (both literally and metaphorically) within our lives. I know for some these are indeed hard times to live by, but for others it isn't and guess what? This is a chance life itself is giving us, and I cannot say I have completely decided what to do, that is harder that it seems, I have indeed learnt and want to continue learning from this. With the games I play, the conversations I have, and the thoughts I decide to think. Gotta aim to gain the best EXP points that I can out of this.

Thanks for Reading.

- As expected, video games made this possible.

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