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Welp that didn't work! Anyhoo Rezz is releasing a new track in 5 minutes (4/20 9pm EST U.S.), and we are in this video to she used to promote it! We were at this show about a month ago where she premiered the track live! Hype.


Happy Descendants Day!!! I mean.. Easter. Riiiiight…


I still choose breadsticks. <3


Sorry if you’re “over this”. But it’s important. People live with this every day and it is not my responsibility to make sure a blip in your feed doesn’t exhaust you for 0.1 seconds. I agree with nearly everything said here.


Absolutely here for Mickey-man Legends.


Yoko Kanno the composer for Cowboy Bebop and much of the music for Ghost In the Shell Stand Alone Complex, recently composed A new album for a game. Link in comments!


Goldeneye 64 is now included in Rare Replay if you have it. It is also on Game Pass.


Miss me with that fake attempt at ethical consumption under capitalism. Hogwarts Legacy looks like utter garbage. Happy to not be buying it until it is very very cheap. Students murdering “bad guys” is just stupid.


The only resolution I’m willing to commit to this year, is to spend more time doing the things I enjoy. Not by engaging in wreckless hedonism, but just more in the vein of using downtime to do things I enjoy. Love you all Dtoid <3 happy new year!


Oh neat! The sequel to what is at times my favorite movie of all time. No pressure. Whats up danger?


I really wish Crimson Peak was a good movie.


He built it. He wore it. He was wise enough to pass it on. Conroy was brilliant as a mentoring voice. Angry, proud and everything in between. Terry couldn’t have asked for a better surrogate father.


An inquisitive ravenclaw birthday Happy birthday!


All other games are cancelled. This is it for me. K bye.


Bullet Train was fun. Please enjoy.


Jodie Comer yelled at me for two hours last night in a movie theatre about how the system of law itself, is woefully ill equipped to handle sexual assault cases that lead to justice for victims. It wasn’t a dream but it was a bit surreal. Do recommend!




Mann you kids are lucky! Sharing your birthday with this little modern marvel. Happy Birthday to you all! (Fear Street Part 2 1978, turns 1 today!)


We are the majority. The country is and will be better than this moment. The 4th celebrates a successful revolution against a government that its people no longer believed in. That’s us! That is quintessential Americanism. Happy 4th y’all.


Today could not pass without a shout out to the best Y/A horror series on Netflix. Fear Street 1994 came out one year ago today. Cheesy, bloody, beautiful goodness! <3


… this message repeats. … this message repeats. …


I saw Lightyear and found it delightful! Watching it in the same theatre where I first saw Toy Story sure was a treat as well. Also visited a Japanese garden today. Good day.


I was initially very disappointed that DALLE didn’t know who Enfys Nest (Star Wars) was or what The Drej (Titan A.E.) are, but for my third try it produced this and all is forgiven.


I like No Mans Sky a lot! But Starfield isn’t trying to do what NMS does. This only makes sense if you abide by the same logic that led people to say Breath of the Wild was better than Skyrim. Maybe? But they are truly different games. We’ll see I gue


Tomorrow Children this weird little communal Soviet art inspired game is coming back! I didn’t get to play it much originally but I loved it and haven’t ever stopped thinking about it. They say the micro transactions are gone as well! To glory comrade


Breaking the law by still enjoying Star Wars. You’ll never take me alive coppers (troopers?)! Apologies to those who are negatively impacted by clutter.


Happy birthday Torch. Here’s a video I saw 14 years ago.


Kane and Lynch 3? Please? Cmonnnn.


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