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NP: A Eulogy (With some NVGR Venting)

(I'm going to ask that you all forgive me: I know that my blogs are few and far between, but I had to write this, to get through some feelings. No funny pictures, no comments, just words trying to convey complicated feelings.) I'm not goin...


Re-introducing myself, and some Wii U impressions!

Hi everyone. Long time no see. Yer old Uncle Eno has been a busy cat lately. See, since we last spoke...oh...March? Of 2011? Jesus. I am WAY behind on updates here. I am a creature of shame. So! How about some personal stuff? See me? I'm...


After Quite Some Time, a New Blog Post

Welcoming myself back, now with 35% extra Buddy Christ! Wow. It's been ages since I've posted on here. In fact, let's see...MGSOnline? That's the last thing I've posted about? Christ, I've been out of the loop. Ok, well, that's not T...


Oy vey, people...(NVGR)

Oy...see, I've been lurking Destructoid for ages now, and the contest was just incentive to actually get a damn c-blog. See, it is funny, because it is a lurker from Jak and Daxter, and this a videogame website and....ah, nevermind. I d...


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