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We Did Not Deserve Viewtiful Joe

'Deserve’s got nothin to do with it' grumbles a gruff Clint Eastwood in the 1992 western film Unforgiven, spoken just before he takes aim down the barrel of his shotgun and fires, the implication being Gene Hackman's head was the...


Bully Deserved Better

Rockstar are now the kings of big scale game development. They have conquered quite literally the virtual world and even then built their own that we wanted to join. Rockstar now even makes games about mythic portraits of times in hist...


11 Games I've not played and I am ashamed

How many of us have too many games to play? Go to the site How Long To Beat Steam that totals up the number. How many? Are you ashamed? Good. So am I, but of myself, because I did the test too. This is just my list. We all have on...


7 Good Average Games

Not all games are born equal. Some go through hell before they even make it into life, some are a frankenstein of what it was meant to be. Some are just a few automated processes with some polygons slapped ontop. Some have all a person...


10 Games I Love But Cannot Recommend

Some game experiences we want to share with everyone, others we simply can't even make it into words and want to share anyway, forcing the cardridge/disk/activation code into someones hands so forcefully they get the opposite effect. S...


Zelda 35: Outlook on the ages

A stretch of green pasture rolls out before me, hills, rivers, forests, villages, caves, swamps, mountain(s) and one big castle is a familiar landscape of unfixed size and design. Equipped with nothing but a sword and shield (and fire ...


About Eggs&BrewsterJrone of us since 5:31 PM on 02.07.2021

These days I'm lucky if I finish 3 games a year, so I thought maybe I'll write about my old time war stories of memory cards and arcades might gets clicks and make that time seem worth it for more than just me. One can hope.

I enjoy reading, writing and gaming and sometimes those three all happen at once.
I enjoy old books, old music, old movies and pretty much getting on like a cantankerous old man.

I have more games in my-to-play list than I have remaining years on the earth.
Enjoy reading blogs rather than writing my own so I think I'm in the right place.

If you read what I wrote about what I played, then maybe you'll play what it was I wrote about and then you'll write about what you played so then I can read it and the circle prevails.