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Rumors, Rumors, Rumors


Everyone hates rumors, especially in the video game journalism world. How can any self respected journalist try to make news out of rumors? Well I think that is a bit unfair and honestly kind of hypocritical.�

Journalism is a highly competitive field and it is no different with video game journalism. In order to stay on top of your game, you need to make sure that you are prepared for the biggest news stories. It is a career in which you are just waiting for that big news story to propel you to the next level.�

If the rumor does end up being true and you do not report on it then you are looked down on and get hate for being "late". There is a lot of hindsight bias; Because the rumor turned out being true, in your head you knew it was always going to be true.�

There was a rumor that Watch Dogs was either being cancelled or getting a name change. It turned out to be false and just a misunderstanding but those that reported on it got a lot of unearned hate. The reader should take some responsibility and read the news story instead of just instantly challenging the writers integrity. Most sites are pretty good about reporting it as a rumor.�

As someone that has been on both sides, consumer and producer of news, I believe that readers are smart and therefore should act like intelligent people. If it is reported as a rumor then take it for what it is and understand that it must be reported.
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