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Bundling Idiot: Humble Indie Bundle 14

Hello there and welcome to another intense edition of Bundling idiot, the series in which I give some impressions on a new PC game bundle. Apologies for the time between these blogs, but I struggled to find any bundles worth talking ab...


Bundling Idiot: Humble Weekly Bundle Roguelikes 2

Salutations and welcome to another exciting instalment of Bundling Idiot, the Cblog in which I discuss a new gaming bundle for all you lovely boys and girls. This blog came a little sooner than expected but when the bundles appear so m...


Bundling Idiot: Humble PC & Android Bundle 12

Greetings and welcome to Bundling Idiot, the new weekly Cblog in which I talk about a current video game bundle that will get you some bang for your buck! This week the focus is Humble PC & Android Bundle 12. I'll be talking about ...


The ones that got away...DS games

Have you ever just not got round to playing the latest big release? Maybe the game is sat right in front of you in the dreaded backlog and everyone is talking about it except you. I know that feeling all too well, and it stops now! I...


About EdgeLone of us since 1:11 PM on 02.26.2012

I'm Lyle from Yorkshire England, I've been using destructoid for years now but never got into the blog scene...well here goes nothing! Got into gaming playing a NES when I was 2 and got a SNES for my 3rd Birthday with Mario All Stars. I was fairly strictly Nintendo until I got a PS2 and branched out to everything.

A few all time favourites of mine (not a definitive list but tried to keep things diverse) are Mario 3, Zelda wind waker, Viewtiful Joe, Snowboard Kids and The Binding of Isaac.