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My Game of the Year 2015: Transformers Devastation


Simply put I have not had this much fun with a game in a long time. It seems like a perfect convergence of developer, license, art direction, and gameplay. THIS GAME IS  A BLAST.

Transformers G1 holds a special place for me, I am of that generation. To see it so spectacularly executed as a videogame is almost something out of a fever dream. For players who aren’t inherently attached to Transformers, the level of faithfulness and inspiration that pours from every corner of this game is hard to explain. The voice cast alone -- in a fully explored story mode that frankly puts Transformers: The Movie to shame — is enough to let one ride the wave of nostalgia over a super tight God of War-style adventure. 

Your milage with the original cartoon may vary, as much of it does not age particularly well. But in a lot of ways this game surpasses the carton or at least lives up to what you wished it became. The action cutscenes, the dialog, the conflicts, and big boss moments are arguably better than the cartoon ever was. Every chapter has some amazing “WOW COOL!” moments. And the final chapter with the "last charge of the Autobots,” surprise appearance of Menasor, and the epic one-on-one with Megatron is truly some of gamings best. 

Completely detached from the Transformers, the game itself is one of developer Platinum’s strongest efforts. Its a decent scale, free of the bloat that hampered some of Bayonetta, yet offers way more than the slightly anemic Legend of Korra (which still wasn’t that bad). It’s a shorter adventure, which in this case I don’t find to be a detriment, but it’s terrifically solid along the lines of the best segments of God of War or Ninja Gaiden (reminded me a lot of Sigma in parts). The weapon upgrade system is deep and entertaining and really lets you get the most out of replays. The Challenge Mode is typical Platinum insanity, some of the difficulties are just a little to insane for my poor thumbs, though it really expands the game time especially if you just feel like getting in for some quick skirmishes. Story Mode is still fun after finishing, I’ve played through multiple times already and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

If I had any complaints they would probably fall under the obvious to other fans of the game. Give me more Autobots!! Let me play as Hound! Hell, let me play as Perceptor! The game clearly has some robust animation sets for the Decepticons, it would be amazing to play through as a few of those. One can only hope, nay, dream, of a sequel to this game. Platinum and Activision recently announced a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles title, and if it’s on par with Transformers Devastation I am sooooo there!

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