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Spent the day playing Metal Gear Solid with my girlfriend! :) She hates almost all the women we've encountered so far lol.


My new keyboard will increase my gaming satisfaction tenfold.


I didn't like The Last Jedi as much as I thought I might. A few good moments, but riddled with problems, good ideas, and lacking the character that makes Star Wars, Star Wars. 6/10. I'll post my extended thoughts tomorrow.


Wolfenstein II was great! The story was deeply memorable and interesting, and the gameplay was a step up from The New Order. But holy hell, that's the most difficult "normal" difficulty I've ever played.


Oh yeah, my gaming rig is finally built. I've got 16GB of RAM, an i5-7600k, and a GTX 1080. Now...I can finally play Undertale. You see how good this game looks? Truly I have ascended.


Been away for a second, Finals have been really killing me these past couple of weeks. On the bright side, now I have all the parts for my Gaming PC!


Of all the PC Parts I've received so far, this has got to be the most satisfying one.


The day has come. I've begun ordering PC Parts after hours of scrounging for deals. Soon I will have enough resources to ascend!


Hardcore History + XCOM: Enemy Unknown = How I've been playing games the last two weeks


Today I went to Vancouver, BC. It was cold and beautiful and interesting. Here's a boat.


So I realized that I love Heavy Metal. The fuck? How did I not know this about myself??


So apparently none of you fellers know about Danger 5. What a shame! It's a TV Show inspired by 60s action serials and revolves around a Team America-esque group that travels the world in the pursuit of killing Hitler. It's pretty dope. Edit: Nvm you know


My computer has had lots of problems with Bethesda titles, but somehow, someway, I have Wolfenstein: The New Order finally working! Gonna finish off the day killing nazi troops/dogs/robots.


I finally beat Cuphead after sucking at it for weeks. Final boss made me throw my controller and break the seal, but hey, at least now I know not to deal with the devil.


I've been absent for about a week - midterms have me incredibly busy. Don't worry, I'll be back in a few days! I still love you.


Just finished FEAR 2 and Dragon's Dogma for my PC run. I love that game, but I'm never playing it again as Warrior: far too boring combat. You only get three combat abilities and that severly limits your playstyle.


Yes, I got my paycheck! I'll put a little bit towards my Gaming PC, buy some groceries, get a cup of coffee aaaaaaand-


I found this cool forest doggo walking around the other day. He got fucking PISSED when I tried to pet him tho.


What spooky games are you guys playing? I'm finishing my second playthrough of Dragon's Dogma, but on the horror end of things I'm playing FEAR 2, and I might start SOMA after I finish that!


In the wake of one Chris Moyse's AMA, AMA's have come back into style. So ask me anything guys! I'll check back from Dragon's Dogma every half-hour or so to reply!


Goodbye, Steven. Your humorous and headstrong writing will be cherished in the halls of Dtoid for many years to come.


Blade Runner 2049 was so good! I've seen a lot of movies this year since I started at Flixist, but this is the best. Even better than The Emoji Movie!


Dragon's Dogma is finally available for current-gen consoles. Any excuse you had for not playing it is now gone. Play Dragon's Dogma already, it's a hackin-slashin-bashin good time. Well, at least when your pawns aren't telling you that X is weak to fire.


Gunbuster is so freaking good. For a 6 episode series, it has the unique quality of absorbing you in the struggles of Noriko, and the action the unfolds in the final episodes. I love this show! Edit: Also it has cute girls.


Here's the configuration for Cuphead that I'm using: have Jump on LS, Dash on RS, Shoot on A, Special on X. Movement is on the Left Stick rather than D-pad, obviously. I'm telling you, it works incredibly.


Oh dammit I accidentally deleted my bio for Destructoid. Guess I'll add that to my checklist tomorrow.


PC Gamers out there, I have a question: Would you rather have a 4K 75hz monitor, or a 1440p 144hz monitor?


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