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And now I have more followers on cohost than I ever had on Twitter. That was fast.


Am Dreggsao on cohost. Let's see how that works out.


People found out you can use stakes in TotK to make music. I can imagine that this was the thing the devs most wanted people to find.


So even Puzzle Bobble is shit these days? Like I can do perfectly aimed shots but then suddenly the bubbles change colour, fucking me over in the process?


Today I won one of those giveaways where you randomly find Steam gift cards lying on the ground outside.


Are all of the Super Mario Advance games worse than the originals or is it just Yoshi's Island?


Just realized that it is a week already and I still haven't seen a Lynel.


It's really impressive how the people of Hyrule are able to smell exactly what Link has in his pockets.


"My Joy-Cons will never drift," I said, and my hubris was punished by Link slowly walking to the left about 10 minutes into TotK.


This is a crazy idea but it could work.


Absolutely love scrolling through twitter and seeing ads by IGN Germany that are "sponsored by XBOX".


Playing a lot of THPS 1+2 recently and that Machine Gun Kelly song made me bail several times with its distractingly terrible cliché lyrics. My standards aren't even that high but man someone needs to tell that dude that he's not in high school anymore.


HEALTH is now in ULTRAKILL. They're slowly becoming the NIN of video games.


We need a 10-year suspension on the right to put "souls" (including alternative spellings and words that are too similar) at the end of the title of your game.


Random idea: Found footage Katamari monster movie


The internet already has lots of fun with dead sonic. Link in comments


When you review a game on the Google play store you sometimes get asked if the game is interactive. If a person would ask me that I would give them another try and if they repeat the question I would slap them.


Maybe AI art isn't completely useless.


They're remaking The Room with Bob Odenkirk for charity. There's still good out there.


Is "Zelda - Tears of Don King" too many layers? I can go with "Zelda - Tears of the Dom King" too. Which one is better to communicate that I desperately want to be funny still but am just becoming an old man afraid of being deemed uncool by the kids?


WTF is going on with movie aspect ratios these days?


PSA: When fishing in Hades it isn't random what fish you catch. It is based on your reaction time. Only learned that after over 300 hours. Suddenly it got pretty easy catching legendary fish I have never even seen before.


What even is Donkey Kong's job? What is he wearing that tie for?


Not sure antagonizing a whole species by calling them Space Pirates was a smart thing.


Metroid Prime would really profit from a Resident Evil style 180° turn. Many games would.


I hope Nintendo know that they are now obligated to put GB Donkey Kong on NSO.


Damn, The Surge 2 is actually really really good. Like, better than it has any right to be.


Just watched Heat for the very first time if you can believe that. My main takeaway is that William Fichtner was super hot back in the day.


After 14 hours, Shin Megami Tensei 5 suddenly has a story. I am good either way, but it still caught me off-guard.


Favouritest game of the year goes to Vampire Survivors.


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