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I spent 15 minutes adding lock on to my game. And 9 hours trying to make the lock on cycle through targets on the screen. Really makes you understand why sometimes the lock on in dark souls isn't the greatest. Lockon systems are the dark souls of game dev


The name of the weapon in my game is the Hurty Gurdy.... I'll see myself out.


I'm back on my UE5 Shenanigans. Please enjoy this very tiny 2MB gif.


Just wrapped up the last bit of content for my new game. Just need to get a final build test to make sure it all works. Huzzah.


My relationship with Wildfrost is similar to that of Wile E Coyote and Roadrunner. Everytime I think I'm close to finally getting it, the game shows me that I'm dumb for even having tried. And yet I find myself compelled to continue chasing.


I can finally log in. How do you do fellow gamers?


Just beat divinity os2 with some friends. Overall I'm very split on this one. There's a lot of great elements to it, but a lot of it was either incredibly frustrating or fell flat. Just not for me I'm afraid but I get why a lot of people dig it so much.


Pictured your waifu/husbando:


NFS Unbound is a fun game that I hate. The cops ruin everything. The chases add nothing fun, only frustration. Having to slink around to get to the next race 3000m away is not fun. The game plants 3 cops every 100m along your path. Why?


I just beat Undertale. I completely understand the hype. If I were to have a required list of games to play, Undertale would definitely be on it. Truly a masterpiece.


If you were a Gym Leader what type would your gym feature? Would your squad look like? What would your gimmick/theme be?


I started playing Undertale again after not completing it the first time a year or so ago(I was streaming it but then I stopped streaming and never finished the game) and it's time for another Dino hot take! It's very good. BUT also...


Is there anything more satisfying than finally finding out what stupid thing you did 4 hours ago is currently ruining everything in your game? Please enjoy this victory GIF. :)


I thought it'd be as simple as moving to unity was but, ho' boy is unreal not. I have instead decided to work on a 2D rpg(?). I've not done one, and boy howdy is the workload so front heavy. Once systems are done, it should be a breeze to add stuff tho.


Programming with Unreal Blueprints got me like:


Unreal Engine is something else man. I got a lerp (gradually increase a position until it reaches its destination) function that works but doesn't update where the object is drawn until after it reaches the destination. I don't even. 😂


What do we think about having a ctoid invitational? The idea would be to have a variety of games played competitively in a tournament/season format. The games would be streamed and shoutcasted. The winner would be named Top Gamer and maybe get a prize?


FFT is next level horseshit. Just had a fight where I was one turn from winning. Instead they used haste, moving the target to next turn, he moved out of my jump attack. After I land the same guy gets another turn picks up my dead healers and full heals.


The most important feature is done. Headband physics.


I've decided to make a small little game before my next big project to get familiar with UE5. I have named this game, "Fowl Play" and it's basically just MGS but with Ducks. But I'm really enjoying working with high poly models. Can't wait to animate!


Started learning UE5 today. Right off the bat the Tool is incredibly intuitive. Might make my next game(s) in it.


Sup Nerds, Reminder that my game goes live at Midnight EST tonight. On Steam and itch io. Hopefully you will enjoy my weirdness. EDIT: IT'S LIVE!


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