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PSA: Even fallout shelter has a corrupted save glitch


Oh Bethesda, you couldn't even make a mobile game without corrupted saves could you... If your like me and weren't aware, yes in Fallout Shelter there are corupted save files. How do I know? I have one. How do I know that? Well this morning I went to open Fallout Shelter and about a second into the initial loading the game crashed. So I tried again and again and again, all yielding the same undesirable result. Crash. So I went to Google. Google told me scary things like how occasionally Fallout Shelter will corrupt saves. So to my app file I go and low and behold a 0b file. Super.

So what causes this? Nobody knows. Some people say it's from batteries dying while the game is running, but that wasn't the case for my corrupted save. This glitch affects both versions of the game. Bethesda appears to have yet to adress this situation which is really bad considering people have spent money for items exclusive to that save data (including me and yes it was that save which was corrupted). Apparenlty on Android you can ask for a refund, by some means, but I can't figure it out. 

So my advice would be not to play fallout shelter until this passes over. Or at least don't spend money on the vault your playing. This glitch only appears to affect the last played save, so you should be good. My guess is that the glitch occurs when Fallout Shelter's auto-save feature is interupted. Either from your batteries running out, or by other means. So maybe you can avoid this by being extra super careful when exiting the app, but who knows?

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