Retro Binge: Just finished Max Payne 1 and 2 on my PS2, now working on a game I never had the chance to finish back in 2002 because Blockbuster suddenly disappeared it. Jade Cocoon 2. So far it still holds up well for being a weird little "mon" game.


Dragon Quest theme mixed with the final fantasy fanfare....yup these Olympic games are in Japan.


Anyone else going to Otakon? I think I'm ready to live again. Lost 25 pounds in the last year and think I will cosplay as Mugen from Samurai Champloo.


Playing Grandia 3 on the PS2 and after Playing Star Ocean 3 for the PS2 on the PS5, I have to admit Grandia 3 is way more enjoyable.


Me upon finding out that Vicarious Visions is going to stop making the kinds of games I like to go make exclusive doodoocaca at Blizzard.....


Oof, I didn't know I was playing Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold MAGA. C'mon games keep your liberal agenda out of my escapism./sarcasm


I CANNOT emphasize how this game has been 1,000% better than I ever expected it to be. The gameplay is fun and the narration by Prometheus and Zeus and their banter/exchanges are some of the funniest moments in any game I have played. I highly recommend!


Looking for recommendations for a decent headset for the ps5. I got one for Christmas and have been neglecting the world playing games. Missed everybody. How is it already the 31st?


I found an awesome Cyberpunk game. Cloudpunk. Best part is that Best Buy had the physical copy.


ME: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Also me for the 20th fucking time:


This video is still so fun, and the song will forever remind me of Waifu # 3 Haruhara Haruko.


I check at the walmart website and nothing show up but when I search an inventory checker this shows up.....beyond exhausted of the PS5 runaround.


Me following Wario64 on twitter to try to nab a PS5 the last few days with no luck. Also me: Having a conversation with an adult film star on twitter even though I never thought she would even reply the first time....like wut?


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