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Does this make destructoid canonical in the DC cinematic universe?


Tarnished of qtoid, do you know if there's a way to get rid of the "multiplayer manners" popup? It's just a button press but having to dismiss it every time pisses me off (and I get disconnected every time I put the console in rest mode)


It's been 12 hours since elden ring is in my possession and all I managed to do so far is put the disc in the console to update it. Current status


I keep ads enabled because I understand it helps pay the bills, but I really can't bear this one any longer, has anyone had any luck in blocking this video player? I'm using brave and can't find a way to filter it


This is relevant to my interests. (bump with a different link)


I'm not surprised honestly, I grabbed a WIIU cheap just to play bayonetta 2 and that I did. Hyrule warriors is great for when you just want to unwind


PSA: the european my nintendo store has new nintendo 64 posters up for grabs. Not my cup of tea but someone might enjoy


While the direct was airing I was sure that you all were going to be satisfied, glad to see I wasn't wrong. I did find something for me but not what I hoped for (not that I was really expecting any news)


Preorders fot ghostwire tokyo are up at gamestop italy: 90 bucks for the game and what looks like 2 costumes and a weapon. I'm probably not going to buy most stuff at dayone this gen.


Hey qtoid, what's your favorite first stage/mission? Just today I was thinking how cool metal gear rising's first stage is. Just thinking about it makes me want to fire up the ps3


Finally beat the library, can't say I expected what happened immediately after the 30 minute mark


That vampire survivors thing is worth every cent of the 2 euros and change I spent


Gamestop italy has been fined by the AGCM (Italian competition authority) for 750k€ for, among other things, forcing people to buy next gen consoles bundled with a bunch of crap. Can't say I'm sorry. Was that you, RiffRaff?


Ah yes, I understand everything now.


Oh crap I just realized I have a little more than one month to tie up Skyrim once and for all before Elden Ring arrives! No lollygagging indeed!


Disco elysium is on sale on both switch and ps5, which one should I get? On switch I'd play it in portable mode, is the text miniscule?


I'm so tired I'll probably be asleep before midnight, so happy new year everyone! I don't want to get all sappy but I must say I am really glad I started hanging out here in qtoid


What's in the deceptively labeled box?


2021 has been a blur, I'm not even sure if the games I remember playing were actually played this year. So the award for "game I surely played in 2021 that left me impressed" goes to Superliminal. Runner up: Stardew valley


Christmas + caturday= merry catsmas?


In my restless dreams, I see that town


Time to see if Loop Hero is for me I guess, thanks Epic. One day I'll buy something from you I promise


Tried the dnf beta, the graphics are good?Wish I could say anything about the mechanics but I keep getting obliterated while trying to grasp the character's moves.I certainly notice the lack of practice mode


Cmon dtoid, what's your excuse?


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