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If my calculations are correct, the last time I managed to boot my ps5 was two weeks ago, I wanna play some elden ringgggggg! All I managed to play is the Kirby demo over and over because my daughter demands to see "Beerbee"


It's not even June and the heat is already unbearable, I don't think I'm gonna make it to the autumn


Found an old avatar buried in a hard drive, so new avatar I suppose


Started watching Nintendo's showcase a couple minutes late, didn't realise that there were two hosts and wondered why was she talking to herself and complaining about crab puns after making one. Nothing interesting was shown for me, what about you qtoid?


The horizon tallneck set is already out of stock after one day, this whole scalping situation is really starting to get on my nerves


Right when I decide I should cut my spending on videogames


Oh hey I saw a community bloodstain in raya lucaria yesterday!


Lately when I click the disqus notification bubble thingie brings me to their homepage instead of opening the popup ,did anybody else experience that?is there a way to fix it? it only happens on desktop


After a careful examination of the "let me solo her" player in action I can confidently say that I'll never be able to beat Malenia and will probably stop playing because of her.


So, now that there's proof that streaming old playstation games on PS5 is possible, Sony will let us play our digital purchases and old psplus games right?.......right? *insert anakin meme*


Of course when I settle for a new phone model and order one it becomes the most wanted piece of technology in the whole world. Please pray for mojo while he waits for confirmation from one of the 3 stores he ordered from


My favourite April's fool this year


Oh jeez it's April 1st already, Remember to take anything with a grain of salt today! Except NFT partnerships, those are probably true unfortunately


After clearing limgrave, everywhere I go I struggle and think "maybe I should come back when I'm stronger". I'm starting to think the problem isn't my character strength


Phone is dead. I put it down after turning off the alarm, and when I picked it up a few moments later it was dead. I'll take it to a repair shop monday, in the meantime,has anyone had any luck at recovering data in a similar situation?


Finally beat Godrick, a little spoiler in the comments


I love elden ring as much as the next guy but I'm starting to feel a bit of gaming news fatigue. "ELDEN RING's Miyazaki farted after consuming an abundant quantity of beans, click here to know more"


Does this make destructoid canonical in the DC cinematic universe?


Tarnished of qtoid, do you know if there's a way to get rid of the "multiplayer manners" popup? It's just a button press but having to dismiss it every time pisses me off (and I get disconnected every time I put the console in rest mode)


It's been 12 hours since elden ring is in my possession and all I managed to do so far is put the disc in the console to update it. Current status


I keep ads enabled because I understand it helps pay the bills, but I really can't bear this one any longer, has anyone had any luck in blocking this video player? I'm using brave and can't find a way to filter it


This is relevant to my interests. (bump with a different link)


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