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I’ve gotten really into Jeff Rosenstock recently. This guy’s music is like tailor-made for me.


The only qualm I have with The Last of Us Season 1 is Craig Mazin saying it’s “the most beautiful story told in the entire genre of video games” during the credits. “Video games” aren’t a “genre.” The statement is also just wrong.


Housebound is a certified Classic. Checked it out after watching the uncut version of M3GAN, from the same director. Loved M3GAN, but Housebound is that weird shit that scratches an itch you didn’t even know you had.


It’s sold out everywhere online, and my Amazon preorder was delayed until April, but I managed to find a copy of Metroid Prime Remastered a day early at Walmart using Brickseek.


Episode 3 of The Last of Us was crazy good. Easily the biggest departure from the game so far, but it managed to pull off one of the prettiest/sweetest on-screen relationships I’ve seen in a very long time.


I got Freaks and Geeks on blu ray, and it holds up so incredibly well. It looks great too. Hasn’t aged a day.


I got my first flight stick, and it makes Star Wars: Squadrons feel a lot more fun to play! Really digging it so far. Only set me back $39.99, and it came with a copy of the new Top Gun movie.


All these songs rule, and I love them, but this list isn’t right. I’ve listened to the song “Teddy’s Jam” by Guy more than all of these songs combined this year on Spotify haha… No idea why it didn’t show up, but it’s the best.


Fun Fact: The JPN version of Chrono Trigger on DS has English, works on a US 3DS, and it costs a fraction of a USA copy. Just got this CIB copy for a little over $30, and they gave me stickers!


I liked Nobody a lot when it released, but after rewatching it tonight, I’m comfortable calling it a stone cold classic. Right up there with RRR in terms of movies I will be revisiting regularly.


Batman: The Brave and the Bold on the DS has a level where you play as Aquaman riding Batman (who has been turned into a gorilla), and when they do their special attack, the two of them fly across the screen on a giant whale.


I'm no longer on staff, but just in case you were wondering: Frog Detective 3 is just as great as ever. Caps the series off perfectly, and it made me laugh a ton. Also, you can drive a scooter. 9/10


Just started watching Cobra Kai, and I am about to finish season one in a single sitting. I should have listened to y’all and started this way sooner. It’s unbelievably good. I cannot look away.


Only 4 episodes in, but Cyberpunk: Edgerunners is really great so far. If you’re a fan of Studio Trigger, I highly recommend checking it out.


Let The Wrong One In was surprisingly great! I thought it was going to be a cheap WWDITS ripoff, but it has way more in common with stuff like Dead Alive and Fright Night. If you like 80s shlock, it’s definitely worth a watch.


RiffRaff turned me onto RRR, I just watched it a 2nd time, and it’s still easily my favorite movie of 2022. It’s like Kung Fu Hustle meets historical epic meets Step Brothers. It’s ridiculous and hilarious and incredible.


Yesterday was officially my last day on staff! I’ll still be hanging around and stuff, but I got a new job, so I need to focus on that going forward. Thanks for making the last ~5 years so rad, y’all!


Day 4 of having a ~4ft snake in my house: Spent all day hiking at a place that should have been full of snakes, and didn’t see a single one. It was a good day.


There is currently a ~4ft wild snake at large in my house right now. Fortunately, I am extremely terrified of snakes, so this works out great for me.


I was all about Overlord the first time I watched it, and I’ve only grown to love it more and more since. It’s become something I revisit as much as stuff like Heathers, Starship Troopers, and Annihilation. Great movie.


Season 6 of The Expanse is officially here! The first two episodes (all that’s out right now) were solid, but I have no idea how they’re planning to wrap up the entire series in just four more episodes…


I may have won the battle, but I did not win the war. Still, Dangus’ kitty will always be the featured comment in my heart.


I listened to Dude Ranch so much this year that I somehow made it into the top 8% of Blink 182 fans on Spotify. Literally not a single other album from them haha…


Watched the movie Hackers for the first time, and it’s pretty dang wonderful. I thought it would just be fun to laugh at (and it was!), but it was legit entertaining as heck too.


No matter how good Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 ends up being, I find it hard to believe that there’s even a chance its opening credits can beat the absolute banger that is the Season 2 intro. (I’d love to be wrong though haha…)


Rewatching Mob Psycho 100, and it’s still incredible. It has intense action sequences, and it’s also super funny, but the wholesome vibes are what take it to the next level. The overall message is absurdly pure, and I love it.


The people that made Hellraiser 2 probably need Jesus, but whew, what a ride that was! Good recommendation, Dtoid!


I finally watched Hellraiser for the first time, and it was insanely good! I always assumed it was super serious. Would have watched it way sooner if I new it was basically Little Shop of Horrors meets b-movie horror schlock!


I ordered the complete Calvin & Hobbes over the weekend, since it was on sale for ~$65! This thing is wayyyyy more massive and heavy than I was expecting haha… It’s been great revisiting it all for the first time since I was a kid!


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