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Ehhh why the heck not. https://cohost.org/DeScruff


You know how in Anime they try to avoid directly referencing other companies or properties, making up fake names like "WcDonalds" and "Sudobucks". I just played a game that gave that whole idea a middle finger.


Now that the 3DS eShop is no more, it only just kinda dawned on me, how now all those free DLCs are no longer (legally) available. Things like the Highlander Class in Etrian Odyssey Untold 2, you can never (legally) get even if you buy a used cart.


Gamer hot take: Analog triggers are like virtual touch screen buttons. Not a good replacement for actual buttons.


Ooof Etrian Odyssey HD collection is $80 the bundle, or $40 each. I love Etrian but jesus a few years ago I payed $20 for these...


A fish playing Pokemon committed credit card fraud.


Man, 2000s GameFAQs guide writers were a bunch of weird weebs. So many guides are filled with "Japanese names" for items/characters - But not really japanese, cause the writer couldn't read japanese, so they used the "direct translations"


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Analog Pocket finally arrived!


Today I can confirm that everything about this image is true. Don't grow up kids. Happy Birthday birthday bro Chris!


So Google didn't tell developers that Stadia was shutting down. Kinda puts a bow on how mismanaged the whole thing was doesn't it?


My childhood SP broke when my sister sat on it durring a road trip a long time ago. Just revived it with this honestly really cool 'Slate' mod.


Experiment: I hooked up my PS1 controller to my PC and tried Elden Ring with it. Conclusion: Parrying is like 10x easier with digital triggers.


I don't just help myself to a man's personal belongings. I'm a scheming little thief who also steal's their face.


I really wish the respec items were not limited. - I know some people will say "11 is plenty!" - Those people aren't me who would easily use all those up in a week.


I dunno. I have a feeling Pokemon has lost me. I just ain't feelin it.


So... Normally I am 100% anti-region blocking. But it looks like a Japanese company has finally decided to do a SLAPP suit on a Youtuber. This ain't just a "Youtube copyright strike". This is a Japanese company went through the Japanese court system. Frig


Man they do not make these first quests easy.


Happy Birthday too you too Chris! We all one big Dtoid family!


Today has been a rough day... Shes been in decline this past month, and now tonight my cat Mariah just passed away in my arms, at the ripe old age of 19 years old.


Ive got a simple PSA for anyone deciding to unscrew plastic stuff. When your putting it back together don't just start screwing it back in. Slowly rotate the screw backwards until it "clicks" - Then turn it forwards.


So when do these EMMI segments stop?


Happy Birthday GM! ~Got some presents for you~


So I am playing Super Metroid for the first time and ummm... This has been a test of frustration.


Man its amazing how a long 30 minute visit to a cell carrier can piss you off in multiple ways. Like seeing someone braging about scalping PS5s.


Question: If you are given an option for text speed in a game, does *anyone* ever go with the slow option? If yes... Whyyyyyyy?


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