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Blog Between Blogs: Another Year Editon


So yeah, here ends the paragraph section of this blog. Now follows the bullet points:

� I�m definitely getting a Playstation Vita, just later when cheaper things start happening for it. Like with the Nintendo 3DS, which I�m definitely getting sometime in the near future hopefully.
� I still need to play Bayonetta.
� I also need to play Dragon Age Origins.
� I really, really, really hope to get into the Guild Wars 2 beta. I�ll be all over that shit like shingles.
� I hope DICE has more maps in the pipeline for Battlefield 3. I need more locals. Preferably in the snow.
Syndicate is going to be one to watch. I�m looking forward to the co-op in that.
Sound Shapes is going to be amazing.
� The new Hitman is looking to be my instant jam. The more I hear about it, the more I want it inside my eyeballs.
� Give me SSX now damnit.

And boom goes the nuclear reactor. That�s all I wrote and I�ll stick to it as long as you pay me obsessive amounts of money. But in all honesty, thanks so much for reading, and I�ll damn near try my hardest to update this blog more. Because I love you all.

See you on nice side!
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