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I'm bored, give me a writing prompt.


**reads Ratchet and Clank movie reviews** yelp, I'm sure the 13 year old in me would have liked it!


For whatever reason I write better when I'm on Facebook's Notepad, anyone else have weird writing quirks?


Jimmie Jim, I love ya and I'd chungus your whungus but you're wrong about Star Fox Zero. (You're right about everything else with Nintendo, but wrong on Star Fox Zero).


At this point, I'm just hitting the "like" button on any Federation Force video from GameXplain or Nintendo in solidarity.


I think the problem with my writing is that I don't know my audience.


On an unrelated note, this YouTube channel is awesome. Because shmups are awesome. Shmup OSTs are awesome. Everything is awesome.


Star Fox Zero. Big smile on my face.


Where does Star Fox fit on Nintendo's 'tier list'?


Also, lol the twitch chat for spamming "Mother 3".


The Star Fox cartoon is genuinely legit. The writing is solid, they nailed the characters and their personalities, the animation is delicious. More of these, Nintendo.


I can be the greatest writer in and out the multiverse and it wouldn't matter because I don't know how to network. How do you when you instinctively avoid people?


C-c-can the next Smash game look like this?


Dark Souls 3 is the Bloodborne of Demon Souls


Superbunnyhop has "Games from my inbox". I'm going to start a series on YouTube called "Games that my laptop can run".


I want to make fun of this Alex St. John guy, but it seems that there's something genuinely wrong with him and I would like for him to seek help.


For whatever reason, I'm thinking back to all of my English classes in highschool and college, and how none of them helped me become a better writer. It was when I started reading on my own did I discover an inkling of how words work. How fucked is that?


Anyone else get sad for a moment when they look at Shigeru Miyamoto and realize that he's getting old?


Replace "Dark Souls" with "Competitive Smash" and it's the same thing. Also, dat opening.


Next paycheck I'm getting a 2DS; it's 60 dollars refurbished on Nintendo's online store, and it's taken me this long to admit that the 3DS hurts my hands.


I don't know why, but I feel that when Star Fox Zero comes out, there's going to be a new Smash Bros trailer that reveals Wolf.


I highly recommend themostdangerouswritingapp, my productivity since this thing has been, well, I actually have productivity now.


What a fucking disaster. Please, SEGA, give Sonic Team the time to polish and finish the new game.


I don't know what it was about Tiff, she was kind of a bore and a snob. Maybe because she was the only intelligent person in a village of idiots. Also her design's cool.


If reviewers give Star Fox Zero anything lower than a '7', they are under obligation to write in their subheading "Foxy: Cute little heartbreaker".


Why do all of the YouTube tutorial videos (or at least the ones I watch) have the most nasally voiced British person?


Facebook really is just a hub for Safe-for-Work shitposting. The trick is that you replace the anime with Jesus.


I'd love to watch a stream where the streamer is a writer using those 'keep writing for a certain amount of time or all your progress gets deleted' just to watch the anxiety and existential crisis. I just want someone to share my current pain.


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