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Video Look-Back: Trackmania Sunrise

Hey once again ;p

If you've read my previous blogs you'll know that I first post what I've acquired since my last blog and then a video look-back. Exciting I know :P Not gonna have much to add to my collection since I did a blog last friday :( I'm doing it early for a special reason.

And you know that reason reaprar so you best deliver on your promises :P

Well without further ado, the meager additions to my collection:

And now for the video look back! For some reason it looks craptacular on normal quality so I recommend clicking through and pressing the "high" quality button on the bottom right of the video!

Hope you enjoyed it and feel like givin the game a crack now ;p

Also please I'm lookin for some constructive criticism for my "style" or lack-there-of for video look backs. So please if you have any don't hesitate to comment it, and thanks.

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