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Star Ocean: SNES


Well my snes project is finally complete ;p

What is it?

It's Star Ocean for the SNES, in an SNES cartridge ;p Now repros aren't new, they've been around for a while and I already have a few. Earthbound Zero, DQ V, and Fireman to name a few. But the problem with Star Ocean was that it used a special graphics decompression chip that was only used in a few games stateside (SF) and those weren't suitable.

Read more about it here: http://www.super-nes.com/oceancart.htm

That french guy somehow got it to work :| I still dunno how but ;p But charging several hundred dollars is a joke, not to mention how monsterous it looks :|

So I thought up an idea on how to get one, from the looks of it it's different then his (can't figure his out :P). But sadly I have no knowledge of burning eproms and soldering and all that good stuff :( So I do what I always do when I have a good idea I can't put into play, I pay someone else to do it for me ;p

So after I got the donor board that I needed I got someone to help me (lucky too, was probably the best and nicest guy I could find). And finally it's all done!

Little magic is a fun little puzzle game ;p not too long but fun ;p

Well that's it!
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