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Shogo: Video Look-Back or "review"

Now with 95% less breathing sounds!!!!!

Ya so did another video look-back, or "retrospective" whatever the fuck you wanna call it :|

Couple things that I said that are wrong/I want to clarify :|

When I say "hard" i mean "you will die a lot." I have no doubt that everyone but the most shittiest of gamers will have any trouble with finishing the game, or get frustrated or anything, but you will die many many times and you'll learn to use the quick save and quick load a lot ^^ The on-foot missions seem to be harder then the mech missions, but only because armor and health (bar the critical hits) seem a lot more rare.

I also said that old-school fps weren't bloody. I don't know why I said that, they're bloody as shit and it's just wrong. Maybe I mean't newer fps? I don't know :| But ya that's wrong.

Also I said "circle strafing" a lot in the video, it's really just strafing and only vaguely reminiscent of a circle ;p Well without further ado.

Episode 4: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LP55GLGI

Hope you like it!
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