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The Gaming Web Sites in our Non-gamer life

[Autor�s Note: First serious c-blog im going to post here. My English really sucks, you�re warned.]

When you are playing in a place full of consoles with you friends that love videogames like you, the jokes about that games are usual, As well the jokes and references to gaming websites. It�s normal when your parents or casual gamers know of what you�re talking about even if there�s any console nearby. But it isn�t normal when that same people know of what �Suck my Shark� is or the �Awesome� references are. Why? Because they almost never read a gaming web site.

Yeah, for sure with your closest friends you can laugh about something that Chad Concelmo says, but if you�re are with a lot of friend, mostly half of them aren�t gamers and they �catch� what you�re saying that�s awesome.

Or maybe, it�s because we talk about Destructoid all day. Maybe for you, my dear readers, this is normal and you�re thinking �WTF is this guy writing this?� It�s because here in Chile only the hardcore gamers know what Destructoid it�s all about. And it�s awesome to spread to word without force anyone.

Example: My friends (girls), the only thing that they know about USA it�s Disney Channel, but they heard about Destructoid or ScrewAttack from me, and they get interested or want to know to no appears like ignorant people.

As a lover of Destructoid and a proud G1 (I never write a shit, but I�m always visiting the sites) it�s really nice to have a one more common point with your friends, and it�s also nice to talk about the people of these sites like they really were close to you. And they are.

For a guy like me, living thousand of miles away from Miami, it�s feels warm in my heart to see a community so connected and the staff members too.

What I try to wrote was something like, let�s get out of the box for a little and see the others one around us. The gamers , the casuals, and the non-gamers, but they are all your friends, and always you can maker jokes about how Sexy Chad is.

And that my friends, it�s awesome.

Thanks for your patience, I�ll see you next week.

PD: Sorry for the horrible writing, im working on improving it, and if I don�t update this thing maybe I never have the guts to write something again, this helps me a lot.
Also, New Bio and Profile.

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