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Nyappy New Year to all! Also, I'm drunk!


Fireworks FUCK YEAH! (I was going to upload a photo of myself having a beer, but this internet connection it's danm slow)

Greetings Dtoiders! This is Danzflor showing up after a really LONG time, it's like 2.40 AM here in Chile and I just want to blog about something (actually, about nothing), and the New year it's a perfect excuse, I know I'm not around here on the c-blogs, neither the IRC (I miss that damn thing) but, as a lot of friends of mine aroudn here, maybe never blog something, but i'm always reading the blogs, commenting the news and have a good time with my favorite news source on the internets.

Now I'm on vacation time! (it's summer here) so I'm going to do the things the right way, do you remember about an spanish podcast? well, this year WE ARE GOING TO DO IT, I will not let that opportunity to just pass :)

Also, i'm pretending to blog a lot in order to improve my english =D, and a lot of other projects. By the way, some auto promotion, I'm getting a great feedback over here in my country with a new project I few months ago begin with a group of friends called "DomiNacion" and the people seem to love it, if you have time and understand english, check it out.

That it's the same reason because I REALLY want to do something around here, I'm probably going to uploaded to ScrewAttack.

so guys, that's all for now, this year i'm going to try to be a real member of this community (even if a I barely know some of you) and do my best, THIS IS MY YEAR, so i have to do MY BEST :)

I hope you're having a great time right now, and I'll see you soon.

This is the Drunk Danzflor, signing off ;)

Oh, I just forgot, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! Destructoid, keep being awesome ;)[img][/img]
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