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BABA IS DONE. Brilliant puzzle game... maybe even too brilliant. Definitely used a guide for the late game secret stuff and a few of the final levels. Glad to be done with this one though - it was fucking with my brain a bit (like most puzzle games do) <3


Well then. It's time to shelve Sekiro. Sword Saint is such a hurdle in this game, but once you get him, you get him. Probably just did another 30+ tries on NG++, but as it tends to go, the winning round was brutal and a near flawless run. Brilliant game.


Sekiro "platinum" is close now! Just need to grind out about 20 skill points and then beat the last boss again, back up my save, and pick both remaining endings. This still might be my favorite of theirs at the moment, but definitely ready to move on.


NG+ (I'm on ++ right now) reveals the 3 hour long game that Sekiro actually is, it's crazy.


I picked a strange time to Steamroll (Platinum on PC) Sekiro with Elden Ring coming, but here we go. Got the Shura ending just now - you really can beat this game in like 4 hours if you know what you're doing, it's crazy. 5 more achievements left. Robert!


Baba is Dangus. Back on a Baba addiction. I've got complete flowers for the first 5 worlds and also did the last level and saw the credits. Still plenty to do. In the space world now. Using a minimal hint guide for some of the levels - no shame.


Finished one of the apparently many endings of Infernax. It was ok. Definitely nice to see something try the Zelda II feel, mixed with a little bit of Castlevania II. Unfortunately the art is extremely inconsistent and it generally felt cheaply made. <3


Uh... I hated Bravely Default but I guess I did finish it. And Hulu/Netflix on Wii U? That's gotta be an error we never used the Wii U for streaming as the PS3 was the go-to at the time. Confusing numbers for sure.


I haven't had any game time for the last month, so naturally on my first weekend off, I'm all over the map. Finished Unpacking, then played Earthbound Beginnings for a while, wrapped up the Trine 4 DLC (FINALLY), and just played Hylics 2 for a bit. Yikes!


I'm still alive, just tired! If anyone is in the Rhode Island area, I just finished installing my work at the University of Rhode Island (which is neither a road or an island - discuss). 5 games on view, 3 old, 2 new, and one old one in a new case (pic).


I've been rolling my eyes at the "never gonna stop using Windows 7" crowd for years, but here we are and I've gotten very comfy with 10 and the updater is finally pushing 11 on me. I truly want to upgrade, because I'm an obsessive "updater" but...


A couple years late, but I just finished the extra chapter in Celeste. What's that? 3243 deaths? It was easy... So do I go for that final hidden berry? DO I?


I never got to post about the Microsoft stuff - here's my new custom Series controller. Christening it with the Chapter 9 Celeste DLC that I never got around to. At the timed color blocks section (3/4 through). Anyone here finish this thing? BROOTAL.


After MUCH delay, I finally finished Metroid Dread (100%). Final time was 10:40 and man some of those shinespark puzzles! Not sure how I'd rank it on the whole (def high), but I really loved the game, premise, and ending. Excited for what comes next!


A couple months ago I tried to settle on an controller design and wasn't sure. Today I spent an hour trying to make a new one, and accidentally settled, once again, on the same design from months ago. It was meant to be. It's simple sure, but I like that.


Came across this looking through the stacks at a local record store. Stupid name for a band.


First game of 2022 down. The generically named, but gorgeous action platformer: Steel Assault. I definitely recommend checking this one out. Short and sweet but good while it lasts.


Make it 167. Managed one last game for the year - Demons of Asteborg. Get this damn game! If you love the Genesis/MegaDrive (it's a legit new game for the system in 2021), (Oldschool) Castlevania, or just a good time in general you'll enjoy this one. <3


Here we go! The Dangus year-end assessment! Best/Worst/Honorable mentions! Arranged only in the order I played them this year, regardless of release year. Honorable mentions for the games I can't stop thinking about, but weren't necessarily top shelf. <3


I've finished 166 games this year (excluding started/unfinished stuff)so I'm gonna have to look over this list carefully. Looking forward to doing a 10 best/ 10 worst soon. Thought I could get one more in, but nah. Was gonna be Demons of Asteborg. Oh well


Another 'steamroll' for the list. Cute game. First thing I've ever seen try to tackle imposter syndrome - A daily fear of mine in all aspects of my life as an artist/skilled laborer. While occasionally overbearing thematically, the actual game was great.


I forgot I had PoP: The Forgotten Sands on Wii half-finished so I just wrapped that up (needed to do that before I get any Steam sale stuff). Definitely a really solid Prince of Persia game ruined by the Wii remote. Which is basically most Wii games.


Almost everything in my Steam wishlist is a listing for the base game which means that I click on a title I might want to get for sale and each one has a 'deluxe' edition that's another ten dollars and it kills my desire to impulse buy. Annoying, right?


Another one "steamrolled" off the backlog. Psychonauts 2 was a great time and a reminder that people can still make interesting games with a ton of passion. Even so long after the original, it felt like no time had passed between the two. Great sequel.


Thanks to John Linneman and Digital Foundry, I've got a newfound appreciation for Ridge Racer (the second PSP game is pretty comprehensive, so I'm doing that), and Outrun 2006: Coast 2 Coast. Man these two games are fun and full of casual arcade goodness!


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