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Rune Factory 4 Special

So, this game is my current obsession. I play games often, but not often enough get fully immersed in binge gaming mode. This is the first game to fully engross me, having me staying up late (and sneaking in a few minutes in the mornin...


Anything Not Saved Will Be Lost

Whenever I see that phrase upon exiting a game, I always feel like some evangelical is proselytizing me. Ok, I get it, we all know, the wages of sin are death, and the wages of not saving your game are frustratedly replaying thru a par...


Octopath Traveler: A Love Letter

I know I'm late to the party, but I recently started playing Octopath Traveler. I have limited money, limited time, and what feels like an unlimited backlog, so I'm often one of the last to play a game. I'm about 30 hours in so far. I'...


One Week of Fitness Boxing

First off, let me say thanks if you are reading this! And if you are not reading this, that's fine too. This is going to be the first blog post that I actually finish (hopefully). I tried to make a post with a direct game-by-game break...


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Near the beginning of the millennium, I wrote an opinion column titled "My Twenty-Five Cents" in a short lived zine titled "Classic Gamer Magazine" iirc. I used the pen name "Damien Quicksilver" at the time. I get thoughts about gaming that I feel the urge to write about from time to time, so this is something of a reprisal I suppose. If there is somehow anyone out there who remembers that zine, that would be amazing. It was made with a group of folks I met in rec.games.video.classic on Usenet. If there is somehow anyone out there who remembers what Usenet is, you're old. If you don't know what Usenet was, it was basically the cretaceous period equivalent of Reddit.