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P2 Press Start: Earning the respect of my students through Smash Bros


Victory has never tasted so sweet

After a thorough drubbing, the boys had to admit that I was a better player than them. In fact their demeanor completely changed: I had entered their world and earned respect on their terms. They told stories of how good I was to other kids. They begged me to teach them my techniques. When they looked at me I could see the awe in their eyes. For the rest of the time I worked there I never had any trouble with these kids again. In all the years I've played games since, I've never had a competitive experience as completely satisfying as this Smash Bros tournament. And probably never will. Sometimes I wonder where those kids are today, hopefully the brief time I spent with them molded them into upstanding young men who went on to atttend college or at least graduate high school and get a job. Oh who am I kidding, I'm sure they're all dead or in jail right now.

Still one of the greatest commercials ever
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