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You Want This: Evo Stick Sack (Limited Supply!)


So I just went to the Shoryuken homepage out of boredom (to tell the truth, I was playing Umbrella Chronicles with the woman when her mother called, pausing our game for who knows how long) when I saw the awesome Evo Stick Sack you see picture above. According to the site it's perfectly sized for larger arcade sticks such as the Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition stick and the Hori Real Arcade Pro.

* Size: 11-3/4″ x 16″ x 4″.
* Made from 600D polyester.
* Zippered closure to main compartment
* Flat front pocket for extra storage of cables, a notepad, or whatever.
* Includes cellphone pocket on the front of the bag and two pen loops.
* Short carry handles and adjustable shoulder strap for convenient carrying comfort.

It's limited supply so I naturally clicked the buy now option just to see the price. It didn't list the price at first which had me worried, with every click that passed without a price being shown I kept picturing the dollar amount rising. I expected it to be almost $100 by the time I saw the real price: twenty dollars. I wrote that in plain English so you know it's not a typo. If you have an arcade stick and no proper bag to put it in, you need this bag. At $20, how can you say no? Buy it now!
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