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About DR Ubioone of us since 1:13 PM on 03.26.2013

Mostly a RetroGamer, big fan of gameplay over theatretical stories, Industrial Engineer who firmly believes in his own theories of the VideoGame market and its near future.

I have an obsession for hard games...CONTRAs,Old School Shmups, Bullet Hell Shmups (CAVE's and Touhous mostly),Ninja Gaidens (New and Old), Castlevanias, NES games in general, Ghost n' Goblins, Demon/Dark Souls, MGR, Vanquish (which I personally admire as the closest thing to a 3D Contra), Bayonetta, Viewtiful Joes, Devil May Cry, God Hand...you name it.

I love creative gameplay ideas as well as creative business practices.

I sometime post things of my interest on Twitter (de_rubio), things like technology, Indie game developer news and gaming in general. I've got a youtube channel under the name "niespeludo" where I have uploaded some perfect run challenges of some of my favorite games as well.