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I've made a cohost account in the event Qtoid becomes a ghost town following this proposed exodus. https://cohost.org/D-Volt


Just heard the news about Chris. Heavy stuff. My engagement on this site has fallen significantly since moving to Japan and I'm afraid this move won't convince me to reverse that trend. Chris, just know that you deserve better, man.


Here's my latest video discussing my thoughts on the upcoming Sonic Superstars and why I'm tempering my expectations. My videos are designed to be "podcast style" so feel free to put it on and only listen when you have 12 minutes of chores or errands.


After hours of scouring more clips of The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog than I care to admit, I give to you my latest Sonic shitposting masterpiece: Sonic Says (Sonic Sez) - AI Art! All voices done by yours truly. Feel free to give it a watch!


Nothing like spending a Saturday afternoon editing a Sonic shitpost video.


If you've got some time, I'm going to be making little 10ish minute podcast style vids about video games and stuff from now on. Feel free to watch/listen and if you do I'd appreciate any feedback you might have. Trying to get more comfortable with a mic.


If you're on the fence about FFXVI, you owe it to yourself to play the demo. It feels like everything I've wanted from Final Fantasy for a long, long time (this coming from someone who played, but didn't love XII, XIII, or XV). Well done, Square-Enix.


Today's Way of the Samurai 1 + 2 stream was a ton of fun. Failed 4 runs, but each one was a bunch of fun. Well, except for the one where I was jailed twice, banned from every shop, and was cut down running from a fight. Yeah, every run but that one.


Streaming some more Way of the Samurai 3 in a few minutes (8AMish EST). Feel free to stop by if you have the time! https://twitch.tv/unendingquandary


Gonna be streaming some Way of the Samurai 3 in just a little bit (7AM EST). Feel free to swing by and watch me stumble my way through a playthrough or 2. https://twitch.tv/UnendingQuandary


Way of the Samurai 3 & 4 are both currently on sale on Steam. They're some of my favorite games ever and I can't recommend them more highly. Anyone who's played the WotS series can tell you there's nothing else quite like it out there.


My Way of the Samurai stream went terribly. Tried to do a Japanese only stream and sounded like an idiot, lost at the end of a very good run in the game, had less viewers than usual, and gained no followers. So what I'm trying to say is I had a blast!


I'll be streaming Way of the Samurai for PS2 at 7AM EST among other things. Might play some more Shiren the Wanderer afterwards too. Feel free to stop by and say hello if you're interested. https://twitch.tv/UnendingQuandary


I want to thank everyone for their bad game recommendations the other day. I've compiled a list. I've already recorded the first video in my Vampire Rain LP and am now in the process of editing it. The more LPs I do the better I'll become I hope.


I want to start making Let's Play series, but of me trying to beat the absolute worst games. If anyone has suggestions for bad games you'd like to see someone actually try to complete let me know.


Finally bought myself a PS5 here in Japan. It was a real pain in the ass to get and left a 60,000 yen sized hole in my wallet, but I'm looking forward to playing some Horizon: Forbidden West and Final Fantasy XVI at some point in the future.


Streamin' some Shiren the Wanderer: ToF&DoF on Twitch at 8AM EST. Feel free to swing by for a smidge if you have the time. I loved Shiren the Wanderer on DS and I'm excited to jump into a new one. https://www.twitch.tv/unendingquandary


I'll be streaming Teslagrad Remastered today at 8PM JST (7AM EST). Join me, Teslamancers, as we revisit a classic indie puzzle platformer 10 years later (or just catch the VOD after the stream). https://twitch.tv/UnendingQuandary


Starting my Twitch stream in a few minutes. Going to be chatting and reading some more of The Great Gatsby. Come check it out if you want. https://www.twitch.tv/unendingquandary


I'm about to start my first Twitch stream (that's right, Twitch!) playing some Zatch Bell! Mamodo Battles. Drop on by and say hello if you have the time (or are awake).


Starting my first real Kick stream right now. Gonna play some 8 button DJMAX and EZ2ON. Come support ya boi if you're awake and have the time. Trying to reach 5 followers! https://kick.com/unendingquandary


I'm loving Ghosts of Tabor. Even in its unpolished state VR Tarkov is an easy sell. However, it's so stressful. I'm hardly an adrenaline junkie and the lack of Scav runs means you have to put your gear on the line every time. I'll be bankrupt in no time.


My small Pico 4 review for anyone who cares: it's a pretty great VR headset. A little more lens glare than I'd like and the software library isn't Meta Quest level yet, but it's a damn solid headset. Has worked great for me in PCVR too.


Bought a Pico 4 on sale that should arrive soon. This will be my first experience with VR outside of the Samsung Gear and Labo VR headsets I used years ago. Here in Japan it's quite a bit cheaper than the Quest 2, so I hope I like it.


My car got stuck trying to get into the parking lot of my workplace for the second time (2-wheel drive is doing me no favors in this icy hellscape) and a giant piece of ice fell and dented the roof of my car. This has been an excellent start to the week.


To buy Nier Replicant on sale for $30 or not to buy Nier Replicant on sale for $30. That is the question.


New PC setup is done! Also peep the Legend of Zelda Game & Watch desk clock.


My family was nice enough to send me 2 boxes of my favorite cereal that's very hard to get in Japan. I'm going to savor every bite. Also only noticed after I took the photo that I've been photobombed by Gooey!


At a Christmas party in Japan right now with a limited edition Double Melon flavored Strong Zero. This shit is horrifically bad. Like, I'll drink it since I paid for it, but who in their right mind taste tested this and said, "Yeah, this is fine."?


It's my 27th birthday today. It's been 10 years since I first joined Destructoid. If you'd told 17 year old me I'd be posting on Destructoid on my birthday in JAPAN one day I'd have called you crazy. Life takes you to strange places. Hope to see many more


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