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I'm drunk as hell off local craft beer right now and I must say of all the sundry things I will miss moving to Japan next month the delectable concoctions of my local brewery will be one of them. Bless Jimmy Carter for making homebrewing free of taxation!


Today marks exactly 1 month until my move to Japan. To say I have a bit of trepidation would be an understatement, but I've lived in Japan before. I'll be just fine this time around...right?


Who knew preparation for moving to the other side of the planet could be so complicated? Appointments, phone calls, applications, meetings, etc. And I'm still a month out from leaving for Hokkaido! Next I gotta get an International Driver's Permit!


My mother bought me a Japan Crate subscription box to celebrate me working in Japan this summer and it included a can of Skal, a lovely skim-milk based soda I drank occasionally when I was in Tokyo in 2016. Don't knock it 'til you try it, folks!


Nobunaga's Ambition boxart makes for a great phone wallpaper.


Decided to finally jump on Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV for Switch. I've always been a fan of Kou Shibusawa strategy games. It's solid so far. Still perfer Nobunaga's Ambition: SoI. Hope NA: Rebirth is a step in the right direction after Taishi.


I'm really enjoying Bloom on the Playdate. In love with the aesthetic and soundtrack.


I got shortlisted for the 2022 JET Program this week, so it looks like yours truly will be working in Japan come July. Banzai!


My new microphone has gotten me a few good voiceover gigs so far, but it's also opened a whole new world of shitposting possibilities for me. Here's just one of those:


Looking for something to listen to while you study or do chores, fellow Dtoiders? Why not listen to this silly radio show/playlist I put together? It's hosted by yours truly and features 5 fun Citypop/J-Rock tracks with humorous interludes inbetween.


Here's a 40 second voice acting shitpost I made in 10 minutes, this time of the Crash Bandicoot variety. Invest in Wumpa Coin today!


Here's a fun little story concept I made for a Shadow the Hedgehog 2 delivered in classic Sonic Adventure 2 recap style. Had fun trying to imitate Kirk Thornton's take on Shadow. I like the idea of bringing Maria back as an unexpected villain/anti-hero.


This is the type of shitpost I usually make on TikTok in case anyone is curious.


I got accepted to interview for a position in the JET Program. The doorway to Japan remains open for me!


I think starting a podcast is a great way for me to get used to doing long takes in front of a microphone. Thinking about making one about VTubers, specifically one for people like me who don't watch VTubers, but find them conceptually interesting.


Only 1 day until I get my new Audio-Technica AT2035 microphone and I am seriously hype. Just the idea of my room having a full audio production setup is so freakin' cool. Not sure what I'll do to test it first, but I'll think of something!


I made this lovely 11 second shitpost and look forward to making many more once my new microphone arrives this week.


My #1 New Year's resolution is to finally give voice over work and content creation a serious try this year. Spent a fat $400 building a budget professional audio setup. Let's see where I am by this time next year!


I've spent the last 5 days in my basement fixing the plumbing of my house. I now have incredible respect for plumbers everywhere.


This Probopass plush is one of the best things I have owned in the history of ever. Merry Christmas!


I bought the Shining Force Yellow Game Gear Micro and put custom firmware on it. Now I have 42 games on it instead of the original 4. I'll post my game choices in the comments. It's actually a ton of fun to play in small bursts.


Just wanted to share a fun little fake Citypop radio host segment I recorded of myself while I was bored. I loved listening to Japanese radio while I was studying abroad in Japan, so this was fun.


Here is my Cartoon Cheese Alignment Chart provided without context.


Never thought I'd need a few pairs of these stupid looking mobile gaming finger socks, but they making playing Arcaea on Switch smooth as silk. Can highly recommend them for mobile rhythm gaming. Now to see how long a pair lasts before it wears out.


Just started my JET Program application. I put my Japanese down as intermediate level, but apparently they'll test me on that if I get to the interview stage. Guess it's time to double up the Japanese study sessions just in case!


Chicago rocked as much as I'd hoped and then some. Crazy how good they still sound after all these years.


Holy shit, my tickets for Chicago are center stage? Let's f**kin' gooooo!


My mom just surprised me with tickets to see Chicago live tomorrow, so that's all kinds of excellent.


This finally showed up at my local record store for $5 and I couldn't be happier. Who doesn't love this album?


After playing a few hours of Actraiser Renaissance I can say it's absolutely fantastic. It only improves upon the original and I personally like the Sabre Wulf/Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon art style of the platforming sections.


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