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Been fun Qtoid, I'll still attempt to use the site proper (the Kusoge articles, TGIF). Cohost is where I'll be putting my stakes now.


PSA to all Dtoid & Cohost users in Eastern Washington, there's a wildfire going on. Please pay attention to the evacuation orders given and get to a safe shelter area. To those west of the Cascades: wear your masks as the air quality sucks and hunker down


Today was the most trying day of the week, borrowing a phrase Simon Belmont used in the Netflix Castlevania series.


Not too happy about what's been going on with Dtoid due the parent company Gamurs recent decisions. I'll still try to enjoy the site (Zoe's Kusoge articles bringing me some chuckles) but Gamurs decisions has added a bit of a stink to it.


Cygnus Rush is on cohost, just trying to figure it out for when qtoid goes the way of the dodo.


Saw the new trailer for Forza Motorsport (2023) and I really hope that Turn 10 does proper QA before release as FH5 was a mess on launch day. Might pick up the "Premium Edition" later as I don't want to deal with that type of "Launch Day Disaster" again.


Many thanks to the people behind the scenes at Dtoid for getting things unborked.


Feeling a bit miffed at the Noisy Neighbors today, the fuckers decided to start using their fucking motorized toys and race up & down the street. (ATV's, Dirt-bikes, Side-by-side vehicle being said toys). They could've saved it for when they left but nope


The joys of being a sysadmin at home, have to keep two desktops (Corsair 275r cased PC, Alienware Aurora R12 PC) and my mother's laptop (Alienware M17 R4) fully updated (drivers, anti-virus software, security patches, windows updates, etc.).


Sorry I was dark last week, I had my hands full with volunteering at the anime convention in my state (Sakura-Con 2023) and we were shorthanded.


Seems like Qtoid is a bit borked, hopefully the people behind the scenes are aware of this and are "actively" getting it "un-borked" Edit: Looks like the people behind the scenes got things "un-borked", knocking on wood that other things don't go wrong.


Feeling a little bit happier, let's just say that it involves a high profile person of interest being indicted, with hope of more to come of it.


Messed about with the new Photo Mode update in Sonic Frontiers, not quite as impressive as the Spider-Man games (Remastered & Miles Morales) or my racing games Photo Modes (ie: Forza Horizon 3-5, Assetto Corsa, ACC, PCARS2) but serviceable.


Currently snowing in my area (PNW), soundtrack is quite appropriate this time of year.


Just beat Metroid Prime: Remastered, what a gem of a game. Might go to replay it to unlock more of the extras (Concept Gallery, and Soundtrack). Only have a 64% completion rating though so there's room to improve.


Been playing Metroid Prime Remastered, worth the wait.


I love having to play phone tag between a business that I ordered from and a shipping carrier to find out an order's shipping status. All due to the shipping carrier's order tracking webpage not being properly updated.


Have a replacement stove that actually works courtesy of the property manager, let's just hope the W's keep coming on the homefront.


In the process of testing the new GFCI outlet that was installed on the December 29th 2022. Don't know if the outlet gave up the ghost due to age or if it was via the small refrigerator or the chest freezer out in the garage. Fingers crossed.


Survived 2022, just a lot more dented and scarred to show for it (death of my dad, the estate paperwork for the recently deceased, social security paperwork, ongoing lawsuit). Just hope 2023 is a bit more stable than 2022.


Had the outlet in the garage give up the ghost on Christmas Eve. Managed to save all the food from the freezer and got it into the freezer in the kitchen, not exactly a happy elf at the moment.


Here's what I put some time into on the Switch, surprised Breath of the Wild even made it to podium. The Switch port of Hot Pursuit 2010 Remastered was pretty fun. XC3, been using Eunie as my main and she's a barrel of chuckles.


Little update on the homefront: got the stove-top heating elements replaced, the outlet in the garage for the big freezer and small refrigerator still works properly, and found out something was clogging the vents in the master bedroom & bathroom.


A little bit miffed at the moment details in the comments.


Finished my assload of paperwork for Social Security, that paperwork made my left hand cramp up a few times while writing on it. Glad that it's finally done and over with.


Messed about with the recent update for Forza Horizon 5, the raytracing and DLSS work quite well in tandem for it. The benchmark suggested I use the Extreme graphic preset for it, but I kept it on the Ultra setting just to keep it stable for my own sake.


Sent in my "Mail-in Ballot" last week, vote for fucks sake!


I'm a bit of an emotional mess right now, long story short my deceased Dad's birthday is tomorrow and my legal case is going through an oral argument on Wednesday.


Having some frustration at the site right now. Trying to change my avatar to a holiday themed one, keep getting the "Failed to process uploaded image" error message.


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