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I hope those five conservative Supreme Court justices are watching their backs as their ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade just made them high profile targets of protest. They're disgusting to the core.


Looking forward to both the Hot Wheels DLC for Forza Horizon 5 and the new mainline Forza Motorsport game, both looking rather fun and good. Persona 5 Royal is a nice bonus for me as I never played it on a Sony system, going the PC route for it.


A bit pissed off right now. A "Jehova's Witnesses" letter appeared in the mail addressed to me offering false condolences, understanding, and support. They have the sheer nerve of sending me a letter during a time of sorrow and grief. Fucking cunts!


Feeling a bit gutted at the moment. Further details are in the comments.


Been messing about with the final DLC for Ace Combat 7. This soundtrack sums up my mood perfectly:


Looks like the frontpage of Dtoid is getting a bit weird, hope the wonderful people behind the scenes are aware of this. *BUMP* Spoke too soon.


To the site admins, please hold Disqus support's feet to the fire again as the upvote bots are back yet again. Tell them a more permanent solution is required.


Good news, my dad is finally out of hospital. On the downside he needs to use a walker at home to stay steady due to the medical procedure draining most of his physical strength afterwards.


Feeling a bit stressed out right now. The long and short of it is the bills are pilling up and the one that normally pays the bills (my dad) is in hospital.


Mildly frustrating day on the homefront. Long and short of it is due to my father still in hospital I had to e-file an extension for both my mother and dad's joint tax return. Let's just I needed to take a drink afterwards.


Don't know what's worse in gaming at this point, Nomura making yet another Kingdom Hearts game or Sega jumping on the NFT and cloud streaming bandwagon. Either way, I hope both of them go into a crater with no way back up.


Did a little test of Assetto Corsa Competizione's recent update with Photo Mode, it has some more options in line with the Forza Horizon games. Still have to use the mouse wheel adjust the sensitivity for the camera movement.


To all the upvote bot accounts I say unto you, go fuck yourselves with a cactus!


Having a bit of a rough time. The long and short of it is there are more health issues with my dad that it warranted another trip to the ER. It's not medication related, it involves issues on the inside. Hope the doctors find out what it is.


Having a bit of a rough Monday. Long and short of it is health issues in my family, this time it's my dad and it warranted a trip to the ER. Don't have an accurate idea of what the hell caused said issue but it gave him some extreme pain and agony.


Taking flight with Panzer Dragoon Remake again, this time on the PC:


This is for you Menashe, this video tells you why pushing NFTs is a really bad idea, watch it in full and tell the site why you think this is such a good idea, we'll be waiting:


Having a shot of tequila to help deal with what's going on in Ukraine. It hurts seeing it occur and I'm not even on the same continent. Those people just wanted to live in peace, and that bastard Putin denies them it.


To the site admins, please hold Disqus support's feet to the fire as these upvote bots are getting worse and worse. I'd like to be able to enjoy the site without having to deal with bots that are worse than cockroaches.


Here are the memories of my 3DS before I jail-broke it. The Smash was strong with this one.


Monolith Soft with Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Koei Tecmo with Fire Emblem Warrior's: Three Hopes, Nintendo themselves releasing more tracks for MK8 Deluxe. I'll have to say Nintendo just won the year for me personally.


If anyone on the site backend is still aware, there are some up-vote bots prowling about. Please get that sorted out as said bots are like roaches.


Currently watching "Critical Role", 6 years of campaign episodes to get through, deities help me.


Just had the garage door opener motor give up the ghost, had to manually close the door the rest of the way. Need to get said opener motor replaced by a professional. Not exactly a good start to the new year already having to replace something.


Just found two of the Ace Combat "Trinity" at my local retro gaming store. Time to deal with some more "Belkan Witchcraft"


Seems like Norton has decided to get in on the "crypto currency craze", annoying since they purchased Avast in 2021. The following clip sums up my thoughts towards the company as a whole:


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