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Assassin's Creed 3 Giveaway!

Here comes yet another giveaway to add to the Christmas giving spirit at this time of the year. In this giveaway i will be handing out a copy of... dun dun duuun! Yep, so this time i will be giving away a lovely copy of Assassins Creed ...


Portable Powerhouses - Damn those pigs!

'This is a blog from a fair few weeks ago, however was un published simply due to the fact i had limited motivation and time to finish it. I do apologize :) haha naat!' So, today while at the end of work it had calmed down a little bit and...


Productive Juices!

Happy Monday people, or should i say, i hope everybody was able to slog through the first working/school day of the week and are all in the highest of hopes that the rest of the week will shoot by in the blink of an eye. It never, ever work...


Chivalry: Medieval Warfare - A Brief Write Up

Sharpen you swords and prepare yourself for hours of gory and gruesome game play! Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is a new take on the original source engine mod, Age of Chivalry. Now i am unsure as to whether the original developers for Age of...


ConnorTheScot - A Pleasant Introduction

A Pleasant Introduction You know what, starting these things are all ways the hardest part. Getting that first introductory line in there for everybody to read, it really does boggle my mind. I have just recently created an account on Dest...


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