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State Of The Union: The Posting

Salida guys, OpiumHerz here. So you might be wondering: "Oi, why don't you suckers post interviews? I'll smack you in the gabber. Swear on me mum!". So I talked a bit with Everyday Legend and to put it bluntly: right now we're out of people...


Community Interviews: In Meowmoriam

Today, I was supposed to publish the interview with Marche100.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to, as I have not been able to finish his (or other) people's interviews over the past few weeks, as the hits in my personal life just won't s...


Community Interviews: The Great Directory

Here is a list of the interviews we have done so far, for your convenience. This list will be updated every week as new interviews are completed. 001. Community Interviews: Behind The Helmet Visor Of Sephzilla 002. Community Interviews: Th...


Rebooting the C-Blog Interviews

Mhhh... wha-wat? Where am I? What year is it? WHERE THE FUCK ARE MY PANTS?! Okay, okay, okay. Stay calm, old chap. Deep breaths. First I'm gonna find out what's going on, then I get my pants back. *runs off into the night* Yes, your eyes a...


C-Blog Interviews: Sir Legendhead

Holy cow it's Thursday!!! Interviews don't come out on Thursdays!!! Everything is changing for the worse apparently and things are different forever all because of other things!!!! What made you choose Destructoid as a community to be a pa...


C-Blog Interviews: ZombiePlatypus

Woah...Where am I? What's this? Eh you know the drill by now people. Pay no attention to the absence and move on with your lives. What made you choose Destructoid as a community to be a part of? I'd been reading Destructoid for a few mont...


C-Blog Interviews: Holiday Special

The holidays are a good time to look back and figure out what made you happy the past couple of months. Ignoring the higher crime rates around this time the feeling of goodwill, generosity, and cheer are all around and its good to always ...


C-Blog Interviews: Alasdair Duncan

Damn Scots! They're ruinin Scotland! - Groundskeeper Willie. Is it racist of me to use Groundskeeper Willie from The Simpsons as my source of all things Scotland? Possibly. Is it racist of me to use Groundskeeper Willie as the source of a...


C-Blog Interviews: Master Snake

So yeah...I went ahead and left this top portion blank because after I finished editing and adding the bbcodes I went off and had some ice cream. So today we have often heard and often seen Master Snake to share his wonderful word thoughts...


C-Blog Interviews: Johnny Viral

What made you start blogging and why Destructoid? I started blogging on Dtoid thanks to Bob "Necros" Muir. I met him during my second year of college and we became fast friends, Id been lurking Dtoid for a while, getting my news, listening...


C-Blog Interviews: Bill Zoeker

Oh what we're back? So anyways, long vacation to get some stuff done and enjoy college a bit, but now that both of those things have disappointed me yet again we're back to talking to the people I love at the place I love. Today to kick o...


C-Blog Interviews: SuperMonk4Ever

Note, the interviews will continue having an irregular schedule for a few more weeks until I feel ready to handle a wave of interviews for the next season, but I promise you the next season will be wild. The Real World Destructoid wild. Al...


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