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Conventions: Humility Fills The Air

There is something about a convention that just makes me feel all giddy inside. ...I could have worded that better, but whatever. I have not been to many conventions... in fact I have only been to one convention (New York Comic-Con). But th...


About CombustingFetusone of us since 7:46 AM on 11.27.2010

Hello there, everyone! Welcome to my blog! Well, kind of blog. I doubt I'll do enough to justify a welcome... But it's a nice gesture, right?

Anyways, my name is CombustingFetus, but you can call me Fetus, or even Crow as some people know me as. I enjoy many different mediums of entertainment, such as movies, video games, comics/manga, anime/cartoons, etc. The usual nerdy stuff!

I'll probably post reviews of various movies and games, and maybe some very thought-provoking articles to really make your noodles wet.

Uh... that's not what I meant by that...