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About Coldhornone of us since 6:24 PM on 06.05.2007

I'm trying to remain anonymous here. To try and give off that mysterious stranger vibe. I wish I could follow that up with a remark about the "stranger" vibe giving off more of the "closet rapist" vibe, but I just wouldn't know how to word it.

You know, I should stop there.

But, I kinda enjoy writing. So, I'm just going to keep typing. Whatever comes to my head. I'm going to write down here. Does it seem that I've been dividing sentences? In half, this entire soliloquy? Sort of, but I'm never a stickler for form or function. Or even spelling if that has to be taken into consideration. I'm not very good at spelling. Or form or even function if that can be taken into account. This is really drawing on like, it seems to be taking me awhile to explain myself, four of seven sentences too long. You know, if I used parenthesis inside the last sentence I believe it would have. Maybe, could have been out of place. Or maybe not.