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It's so weird to see in that article Chris wrote on Super Mario Run and the mobile game industry/DeNA's business, such a subtle bash in which Chris expertly used to actively slam on the gachapon/gambling style of iAPurchasing in mobile games.It was neat!


May as well take another break from this site. All these comment section flame wars keep making me even worse off after taking part in them. I need to just take a chill break, cause I tend to get hooked. See you guys later.


Super Mario Odyssey is a 1/10 compared to this 10/10 master piece, Donkey Kong Rhapsody.


I forgot that during a drug trip sequence in the first Max Payne game, it breaks the 4th wall in a really creative way.




So also today I went to GameStop and not only got ARMS for $5 with a coupon from the GameStop card we had, also got Super Street Fighter 2 on Switch and preordered the very rare Limited Edition of Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle with the Mario Rabbid statue!


Welp, I finally took the plunge all the way through GTA III on my iPhone, holy crap those final missions were pretty hectic but I managed. Having a MFi Controller helped a ton with the controls and it overall had aged pretty decently.


So I thought I was about halfway done at 44/73 missions done in GTA III on my iPhone 6S, but it turns out I only have 6 missions left in the entire game, wow. I'm not gonna go for the 100%,unlike what I did with GTAV's campaign on PC,but still reassuring!


Earlier tonight I saw the movie Aliens for the first time and holy crap I can see why all sorts of games and movies and TV shows rip it off so much, what a masterpiece! It was a great watch but I'm tired and have a couple of sleep appointments tomorrow.�


Some sequels can be more terrifying than the first! Shameless plug for my video there but it stands. SEGA SATURN CD warning is far more terrifying than tha DREAMCAST's CD warning, even in G major.


Speaking of Nintendo, this morning I beat my first Switch game, Snipperclips! What a fantastic puzzle game that was.


And then holy crap, Nintendo may very well have won E3. Second place Ubisoft, third place Sony/Bethesda/MS.


I am disappoint at the lack of MediaMolecule's "Dreams" game and Owlchemy Labs' Rick and Morty Virtual Rickality both for the PSVR at PS' E3. Overall I like PlayStation's lineup despite it feeling kinda scarce, still way more true exclusives than Xbox!




Ubisoft has won E3 so far! Gonna be fun to see where Sony and Nintendo turn out from here, especially as a Switch, n3DS, PS4 Pro and PSVR owner, more games would never be a bad thing!


Holy crap, SnipperClips is a fantastic little Puzzle game for the Switch. I love it so much from the animations to the Super Mario 64-style sound effects to the fun ways to solve puzzles. It is perfect!


Wolfenstein II might be my GOTY whenever it comes out... honestly other than EA's conference I think I've really enjoyed both of the ones today, so far. It's gonna be fun to see what else Ubi, Sony and Nintendo have up their sleeves.


Welp, haven't done much except hook my PC back up to the 900p monitor as well as my 1080p as my 1080p was glitching and my 4K TV was just black screened. I also played a ton of GTA III on my phone this weekend, but Apple sucks so I got a controller for it


Welp, I ended up beating Severed on Vita. Unfortunately I couldn't get the Platnium Trophy due to that Father Memento having hard enemy encounters and much like Peace Walker HD years before it my fingers can't move that fast + it was impossible.I h8 QTEs!


I'm playing Severed on the PS Vita and it has me hooked. Gonna go for that Platnium Trophy as I slept all day yesterday and my sleep is all messed up.


Mostly I've just been chilling out and playing my Switch and PS4 Pro and PC a lot, it's nice to have more free time on my hands especially how I will after I graduate tomorrow. Or is tomorrow today? It's 12:30, I dunno. I'm gonna go get another Vita plat


I don't think I ever posted Mister Metokur's pre-E3 "report card" here before so I may as well now. I agree with it fully except maybe switching out the PC gaming conference's 3 rating with Nintendo's 2 rating.


After graduation prep and an awesome walk out with cap and gown, my true reward came in the mail.


I found a ARG video series of an unreleased PS1 game called Petscop and it is so weird but kinda charming at the same time. wanted to share with you guys


Here's hoping Sony uses this to open their E3 2017 conference.


Mostly just been playing Gravity Rush Remastered, though I did pick up a few PSVR games and Outlast Trinity for PS4 today, and now my bookcase is full of games. Welp.


Today I got the Platnium Trophy for Resistance Burning Skies with the help of some rando from Reddit, watched Alien for the first time, and updated the A9LH CFW on my 3DS to Boot9Strap. Very eventful stuff. Gonna play GR Remastered on PS4 as Platnium #15


Until I get my Switch delivered in a couple of weeks due to Nintendo's low stock BS, I've been playing more PS Vita games. I 100%ed The Wolf Among Us this morning, janky port. I am now mopping trophies up in Resistance which I like way more than CoD Vita


I ended up getting a BotW Switch bundle preordered along with picking up MK8 deluxe. It'll take a couple of weeks to get there knowing how badly stocked it is and seeing how it's a preorder but I'm optimistic I'll have a ton of fun with it!


Great news guys! I could very well be getting a Nintendo Switch + BotW and MK8 Deluxe as a graduation present tomorrow. Very hype for it, looks amazing. I'll get eShop cards as necessary but I'm so happy!


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