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Almost forgot. Happy (somewhat late) Birthday Descruff!


Got any advice for someone looking for a job, but doesn't have any references or many opportunities to get said references at this time?


A great birthday to you Mike! Picture below may or may not be of interest to you birthday boy.


Birthday wishes to you Gamemaniac! May you be blessed with large mermaids and videogame fortune.


Aw yeah, I've been waiting for this ever since I tried out the pilot game. If you haven't tried the pilot it is literally free on steam.


Happy Borneday hlarge. Here's you cake.


Happy Birthday to one hell of a tenacious man. Have a good one Heston.


So I see fans of the Ring have regained their humanity today. Times like this make me wish I had the time and money to play it just like with Dark Souls back in the day.


Samsung had no idea what it got into when it hired a visual studio in Rio de Janeiro for concept art.


Since the Cruella movie has now opened the floodgates for absurdity, maybe now Disney will finally make a movie based on the sequel to the original 101 Dalmatians book. The Starlight Barking.


Apparently the script for the original incarnation of that Live-Action PPG reboot leaked and well it's something.... btw the original tweet with the leaked script got DMCA'd so that has some unfortunate implications.


In the far future, every new medical or science term will be named after some pop-culture media that the researcher liked and future generations will wallow in confusion about why it was named that, while new fans look on in knowing amusement.


Guess it was inevitable after the She-ra reboot. Still what a time for revivals huh?


Helltaker just received an Extra chapter for its 1st anniversary. All I can say is expect hard puzzles and read the comics. You'll understand why soon.


Birthday Wishes to Occams and Jasondm300! Let the weird festivities begin!


So for anybody that has played Pillars of Eternity 2, would you say it's okay to start with it?


Happy Birthday Neron! I don't have much to say except enjoy today!


Local deli (at least I think it counts as a deli) started selling some more "exotic" foods a few months back. I can see why people love Empanadas now.


This is a reminder for old fans that this is still happening and there is noting we can do about it.


Has this council passed? Or do I need to start filling these Ice cream Sandwiches with some "personal" filling.


Happy Birthday Goofer! May your Bibles contain Chungus.


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