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TGIF Open Thread!


Good morning Destructoid! It's that wonderful time of the week! It's Friday!

One week down, one more to go! Almost done dealing with the current work bs and it's definitely a bitter sweet feeling. I'll miss my team but I'm excited to move on to the new job. I'm sure I'll have slight new job jitters as I'm learning all the new processes and whatnot but I know I'll do just fine.

It was a good week mostly. Other then my pups deciding I'm their own personal chew toy. In their excitement when I get home from work, Luna hopped up and accidently scratched my left arm really bad. Got a nice long scratch mark from it. Not to be outclassed, the next day Brock decided to do the same. Only his raptor claws scratched the outside of my hand and dragged all the way to the inside of my thumb. That one bled and hurt a lot lol Safe to say the gf and I trimmed the pups nails that very night.

We're going to try to see the new Batman in theatre this weekend since we were not able to go last weekend. Spiderman No Way Home came in the mail as well so we're excited to watch that without interruption from annoying teens at the theatre. Plus with all that extra footage that comes with it? We're definitely looking forward to it. Moon Knight has been interesting but it hasn't exactly made me fall in love with it. I am however interested to see where it goes as I like the idea behind it.

Other then that, get in some more time with the lovely Elden Ring. This game is insanely massive and every time I play it, I get more impressed with what the dev team was able to pull off. An easy new favorite game for me. Also replaying Chrono Cross and loving every second. I do wish Square put more time and love into it because it's hardly remastered and I'm honestly considering it just a simple port because of that to avoid disappointment lol

Chrono's song of the week:

How was your week Dtoid? Any fun weekend plans? Watch, play or read anything new worth sharing? Let us know down in the comments and as always, happy gaming!

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