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TGIF Open Thread!


Good morning Destructoid! It's that wonderful time of the week! It's Friday!

It's been a week and boy am I happy it's Friday and I have the next two days off. Work would have went smoothly buuut that wasn't the case. Supervisors decided to hold an impromptu meeting with me and my team. They came in stating they had great news so we were all expecting they hired someone else for our team because we've absolutely been needing the help. Instead, they said an overseas team will be trained to be able to help with some of our accounts and of course, I'll have to train them. The issue is much deeper. The hospital has been having difficulty keeping new hires in admission/registration in multiple areas and because of that, instead of figuring out how to solve that, they're taking their existing loyal employees who are happy where they are and forcing them to work in multiple other departments with no incentive. My team is mostly happy other then being slightly stressed due to the large amount of work with how many patients are being admitted to the hospital and not having enough employees on our team to stay on top of it. We've been kicking ass under the circumstances though and I'm really proud of my team because of it. They enjoy having me as their lead and I enjoy leading them.

That said, they are beyond pissed about this and I don't blame them because I am too. I'm being forced to train a team that will basically replace them in their current roles while they get dragged to other departments that they left because they were unhappy there. We had a really good thing going and we all love working with each other so our spirits have legit plummeted and for the first time since joining the team, I'm strongly considering leaving the company. I'm torn because I've been there since 2018 and I never really thought I'd want to leave anytime soon as I love working at the hospital and I enjoy the work. I just can't get behind this though. So a big decision must be made and because of it, I'm kinda stuck in a quiet, depressed, bottled up rage. Just fuck.

In other news, I've finally beaten Cyberpunk 2077 since the next gen upgrade came out and I honestly loved it. It still has some issues here and there but overall, the game looked great and felt fun pretty much at all times to play. Really happy with my time with it. Since I beat that, I also started playing the Final Fantasy 6 Pixel Remaster and that's bringing up my spirits a bit. After all these years, it still holds its place as one of the all time greats and that music holds a really special place in my heart.

This weekend, going to get an oil change (exciting!!!) and go revisit that Terror Trader horror themed local shop back in the city that the gf and I love so much. They're always getting in new stuff so we're going to check it out again. This will be our 3rd time going since they've recently opened up. We clearly love it there haha. Other then that, play more FF6 and Elden Ring and we plan on getting sushi tonight and I'll be watching Pacific Rim for the first time while we eat because the gf loves the movie and is shocked I haven't seen it.

Chrono's song of the week:

How was your week Dtoid? Any fun weekend plans? Watch, play or read anything new worth sharing? Let us know down in the comments and as always, happy gaming!

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