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Gameplay Videos I Captured While at E3 2011

I was privileged to go to E3 this year and during my trip I got to see an awesome assortment of titles. While many of the games I wanted to film were sadly "no cameras" showings (Aliens Colonial Marines, Bioshock Infinite, etc.) I was able to get a lot of hands-on time with several games both you and I would enjoy.

Please note however that, on the last day of E3, my camera decided to start messing up and as such developed an autofocus problem. In some videos you may notice so focusing issues but please bear with it.

Final Fantasy XIII-2:

Sonic Generations:

Ninja Gaiden 3:


Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City:

Ghost Recon Future Soldier:

Street Fighter Cross Tekken:

Ace Combat Assault Horizon:

Forza Motorsport 4:

Crimson Alliance:

Silent Hill: Downpour:

Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword:

I'll be posting some preview articles soon that encompass some private showings I was allowed to attend. The first one will be Star Trek and it should be up this week.
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