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Deus Ex Human Revolution Review


More Than Human, Less Than a God
Looking back at Deus Ex Human Revolution it is simply amazing how a new team like that at Eidos Montreal could create such a solid gaming experience. It had everything going against it what with SquareEnix�s lackluster reputation as of late, the absence of one of the greatest designers in gaming history, and a large and biased fanbase to impress. What we have today however is probably one of the most interesting and entertaining games not only of the year but of this generation. Ten years ago Deus Ex changed the way we play shooters, creating an experience that games like Bioshock owe their existence to. Human Revolution proudly continues this legacy, reinvigorating series fans while introducing new ones to one of the most beloved universes in the history of modern gaming.

Eidos Montreal, you have accomplished something that I didn�t think was possible. You guys put so much love into this game that, at times, I was simply speechless. If this isn�t game of the year material I simply don�t know what is.
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