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they couldn't fit an emulated 3MB rom of Chrono Trigger inside the 'Radical Dreamer's Edition'?


i don't mind people who block me, but have i accidentally blocked anyone?


Castlevania Lord of Shadow is so damn overlooked musically. Check out this amazing video of the actual arrangement from the composer himself (starts 3 minutes in)


I keep hearing requests for Chrono Trigger, but remember, Square Enix also owns the rights to Lufia II


retro updated their twitter banner. let's. go.


heads up, Gods Remastered is on sale for basically a dollar on all platforms before its license runs out


this clown on twitter claims he has the leak for the direct tomorrow


anyone else hear of Monster Train? It's been my latest obsession lately from Game Pass


Microsoft swoops in and buys Activison for $68.7 billion. Kinda brilliant in a way; Probably the cheapest Activision is going to be valued at, especially during all this scandal.


this sounds like if final fantasy had sex with back to the future (53 seconds in)


Probably one of the best regular rpg battle themes in history. Runner ups in comments


Okay, just beat all the Halo games. And I'm gonna say it, Infinite feels like Halo + Breath of the Wild, idk how to rank that. Not an FPS person so take it all with grain of salt but my hot take rank of halo games: ODST < 5 < 1 < 2 < 3 < 4 < Reach < Infin


I'm in a weird space with Horizon. I love the idea of playing another Horizon game but I'm just not excited for it


literally the ugliest art i’ve ever seen. everyone who buys them deserves to lose money


Game Pitch: Sonic music game, with all the hit tracks, by the people who made Sayonara Wild Hearts