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Dead Space Review

Dead Space is a Definite Buy.

Notwithstanding my games backlog being big as it is, I picked up Dead Space after all. Since finishing the first stage before sleeping last night, most of the concerns of mine were replaced with admiration of an evidently excellent game.

Game play is a lot like controlling a 3rd person simulation, the lack of a HUD lending itself to the motif that "this is me, my character isn't what I am controlling, rather my direct actions." In all truth from it's opening scene to the end of Stage One (So Far) I'm not so worried about the scripted back story of my character, because Dead Space defines the world (rather, The Ishimura) cleanly, and impressing definite purpose.

The Ishimura isn't the same starship that you've blasted your way through countless number of ammo crates and healthpacks later. With Iconography, and ambiance mainly, being an excellent case-in-point. I didn't loose the feeling, as one does, of the area. "Something went wrong here" is a good description of the way I felt. Just what you should want to feel like playing a survival horror about an abandoned space station.

When you find out what you're up against, you'll be hooked.

The things that are after stopping you from breathing will surprise you, because they are balls out scary. Since I was first introduced to a Necromorph, I'm keeping to to the motto "If I could throw something and hit you, that's too close for comfort." Like they were a shuffling, liver spotted relative at a family reunion, wet cheek kisses and all. The only way to dispatch of the things is by dismemberment, so you take out the legs, but the stabbers are what it's using as legs now, so you take off the stabbers. Basically a one two punch, until the big mothers I expect to arrive later on.

An honorary mention goes to the Sudo-Hud. Innovations do abound about this. You're main source of communication with anyone is in a holographic video that is in front of your character. Not through a cut scene so you're free to continue about the ship while the story is progressing. Also, Objectives are marked by a holographic line on the floor that your character projects. I don't know what the other weapons are going to be like yet; not having gotten that far. I can't do anything but expect limb cutting glory out of them all, except the flamthrower. But it's a flamthrower: *FOOM* satisfying burning smell, sizzling Necromorph, 'nuff said.

There was a story run about the Sound Design and Music Score, read it. Because I think the music score is what tops-off the entire experience making Dead Space a truly immersive survival horror.
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