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Burn Zombie Burn Impressions

Sometimes it�s great to be able to turn off the brain for a while and enjoy something where thinking is optional. Burn Zombie Burn is a lot like that. All the great things about arcade enjoyment, and you can keep the quarters! And believe me, if this were a cabinet at the old Sharkade I�d have burned through a small fortune on it already.

Please insert 25c to continue

Burn Zombie Burn is purely based on scoring points and massacring zombies by the horde with an array of firearms, bats, and lawnmowers. The art style is cartoonish and your protagonist (if you want to use a term usually reserved for things with a medicorum of storyline) is Bruce, a kind of characture somewhere between Elvis and Duke Nukem. Don�t go looking towards this title for it�s depth, but I digress.

Not Exactly the Wanderer from SOTC

In as much as a person can enjoy a game for it�s story line and how immersive or involved you become, the way that Burn Zombie Burn does it�s thing makes it a great game in it�s own right.

For ten bucks you�re definitely not going to be dissapointed.

This blog is a repost in Memory of Vexed_Alex
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